01 September, 2017

Welcome To The Showroom

While working on AFK: 08, I experimented with creating a #360Video.

This is what I created.

Here is some copy I wrote to go along with the video:

ɯ What have we discovered...

ǯ Do you see them?

ǯ The ghosts In the machine?

ǯ The faces in the margins?

ȯ I do.

ɯ They call to me.

ǯ They long to be a part of this world.

ǯ As something bigger.

ǯ As something better.

ȯ As something stronger.

ɯ My eyes met with a reality,

ǯ That clashed with my understanding of life itself.

ǯ How can I proceed,

ǯ When the world around me is broken.

ȯ Distorted among the timeline.

I hope you enjoy the adventure! :D

"Welcome To The Showroom"

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