25 September, 2017

Game Night With Spinners and Vapes [AFK 11]

Today I'm thrilled to share with you, Episode 11 of AFK.

In this episode I take you on a tight little journey of Saturday Night's Game Night with friends.

I had a wonderful time, and I hope that everyone else did as well.

Nights like this are what keep life worth living.


11 September, 2017

Enigma is Rocking New Merch!

Today I’m proud to release RE’s newest Logo Design by Wyatt Campiz.

This design was assigned as a sort of challenge to Wyatt, to see just what he is capable of under the pressures of a time constraint, and by golly I believe he delivered!

So now, I’m opening up the floor to the Minions of Internet Land, can you see yourself rocking some RE schwag?

Come represent Robust Enigma with some sick Retro Wave Merch!

For a limited time, this design is 20% off, so act now while you can save some doll hairs!

01 September, 2017

Welcome To The Showroom

While working on AFK: 08, I experimented with creating a #360Video.

This is what I created.

Here is some copy I wrote to go along with the video:

ɯ What have we discovered...

ǯ Do you see them?

ǯ The ghosts In the machine?

ǯ The faces in the margins?

ȯ I do.

ɯ They call to me.

ǯ They long to be a part of this world.

ǯ As something bigger.

ǯ As something better.

ȯ As something stronger.

ɯ My eyes met with a reality,

ǯ That clashed with my understanding of life itself.

ǯ How can I proceed,

ǯ When the world around me is broken.

ȯ Distorted among the timeline.

I hope you enjoy the adventure! :D

"Welcome To The Showroom"