22 July, 2017

Breaking Through: Melody Mercury - The ARRIVAL of the new Queen of Horrorcore

Hold up... Which one of you ladies just became the most interesting underground Horrorcore artist?
Still from "Queen of Decay" by Melody Mercury

Exploring musical genres as I do, the offerings in the Horrorcore/Acid Rap genre are usually lackluster at best. To an outside eye, Horrorcore/Acid Rap has a reputation of being a putrid public pool, overflowing with edgy white males, trying to express their angst in a way that keep them out of prison, so you'd almost be forgiven for overlooking the genre as a whole. Yet sometimes, among the masses of weak flow, broken english, and ear destroying beats, something unique arises.

Enter Melody Mercury's debut album ARRIVAL, a refreshing take on what Horrorcore can, and should, be.

So, I don't know about my Minions, but for me, I can clearly see that this is someone's passion project. It's not just some slop thrown together for filler. Not only does it appear to be a well-planned, properly produced album, but every last detail is apparently a calculated work of art. From the cinematography of "In The Smoke" and "Queen of Decay", to the concise website, this release reeks of sheer passion. Clearly, someone took great care in nurturing this project to fruition, and oh man, it shows, and for me, that's half the joy in music today. Getting a sense of not only the creative expression, but that journey the artist has taken from nothing to something, it's just giggly gosh-darned exciting to experience!

I think overall, I'll refrain from doing a deep-dive, song by song breakdown, and let your ears do the exploring. Honestly, any words I write just won't do this release justice.


P.s. good job nurturing the Melody Mercury project to a proper release Lokey. Your experiences over the past decade have clearly not gone to waste. I see you and your masked society, and if this is what you're bringing to the table, keep it coming. At least someone is still carrying the torch.

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