22 May, 2017

╔» • RE-Eats • ► Naked Chicken Chips & Chickstar From Taco Bell ◄ «╗

Today on RE-Eats, we go on a taste adventure to our local Taco Bell, and begin by trying out the new Naked Chicken Chips, as well as a Chickstar Crunchwrap, and wash it all down with a MTN Dew Spiked Lemonade Freeze.

I am really happy with the way this video came out, and how wonderful the food tasted.

This has been my first on-location filming in quite some time, so saying I got lucky with fair weather, and mostly clear audio is an understatement. :P

Anyways, enjoy the video, and I hope you go try it for yourself soon! :D


08 May, 2017

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) Tackles Net Neutrality Again!

Welp, time to make our voices heard again!

Go To: http://GoFCCYourself.com/

Then click: "+ Express" near the right side of the page.

Fill in your information, and leave a comment.

Below is a copy of my submission to use as an example, or if you are running short on time, just Copy and Paste it, I don't mind.

"We support the current standards of ISP's being classified under Title II regulations. We oppose any change that would remove this classification. The internet needs to be an open, and honest, field where ISP's and Telecom Companies can't abuse the system for their own personal interest. There have been multiple cases where this has happened before, specifically in the case of Comcast throttling Netflix, and we can NOT let this sort of thing happen again. (Source: https://goo.gl/uOJZlN)"

Thanks for taking the time to help ensure an open access to Internet for us all.

04 May, 2017

╔» Cracking Open 52 Loot Chests in Heroes 2.0! «╗

» » HOLY BANANAS BATMAN! You'll never guess what I got!

» » » Heroes of The Storm 2.0 Hype Train is GO!

Today we're cracking 52 Loot Chests to see just how lucky I get. All in all, I'm really happy with the results, and maybe sometime in the future we can have another round of unboxings!