31 March, 2017

Udder Cowlamity! The Journey to Getting Kanai's Skorn

» » It's time for the Udder Cowlamity event in Diablo 3!

» » » Let's get that special Kanai's Skorn

I am so pleased to have participated in the event this year, after missing it last year. I am so happy with how Blizzard has immortalized one of their own.

If you've missed out on the event this year, I'm sure it will be back next March again, when King Kanai's spirit once more walks his Stomping Grounds, ready to take of the herds of Infernal Bovine again.

27 March, 2017

08 March, 2017

Enigma's Quick Vlog: 08-03-17-20-

Today marks the day I fully adopt my custom date style, and my dedication to pushing past my self-limiting factors. Sure, a vlog might not be a perfect fit for my ideal audience, but damn it all, it's a perfect fit for my identity as a human! :D



Preserve: A Cyberpunk Novella

One of my best friends, Brian Barbour just published his first novella on Amazon! :D I am so proud to start seeing some of his work come to fruition!

You can pick up Preserve through Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2ncNkGc

05 March, 2017

Enigma Gets a Hair Cut!

» Greetings Minions of Internet Land! «

»» It's time to get my hair did! ««

This is the first part in the process of changing my hair style to something a little more fitting of my overall character.

Enjoy! :D

01 March, 2017


» Fighters Arm Up! «

»» This is the most epic game of cards you will ever see! ««