17 July, 2016

Family Assistance

Sometimes it is nice to take a day away from the typical environment, despite how hot, or messy, it might be.

Saturday came and went, and with it, a day of helping my father-in-law sort bottles and cans. The four of us, in the sun, counting and counting and counting.

On paper, it sounds like a terrible chore. However, in practice, it was a wonderful day of love, laughs, and support.

Brittney and I wanted an excuse to be out and about, so it was nice to have a reason, especially one that made us feel productive.

As the afternoon wound down into the evening, her father treated us all to a wonderful sit down dinner. I was so glad to eat, but like I told them, I didn't need anything fancy, nor anything at all, though, even a double cheeser and a frosty would have hit the spot. Regardless though, damn it was yummy.

I am thankful for the time I get to spend with loved ones, and I hope that those around me feel similarly about me. I always have that fear though, I just hope I'm always going to be good enough...

So, this post is kinda weird. I'm extremely tired, and writing isn't making it any easier to stay awake...

I am sad though. Social security is breaking me, and as a result, we may lose our house if I can't find a way to make some sort of money. I receive roughly $930 per month, and as of August, it will all be done.

These four years of feeling dead in the water has not been a paid vacation, but it sure has helped me learn a lot. Regardless of the outcome, I know more about myself than ever before, and I have a stronger support system than I ever knew existed.

Now if only I can find a way to make enough money, doing what I love, to survive and thrive. So... if you are ever board, you can come see me on YouTube. :p

Okay, time for sleep. Goodnight.


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