07 June, 2016

Socializing for Success

I'm finding myself having trouble with the world, as the internet and physical connections are blurred.

I dream of a day when my creation fly, spreading so deep, and soaring so high. 

I wear my heart, and my story on my sleeve, as my walls break away, I'm letting the world see.

I am excited to hear what everyone thinks, but so terrified am I, that it almost makes me feel grave.

I've recently released another time lapse, showing off my work. 

I think it was a beautiful project that almost got scrapped.

I took the trimmings of a live stream almost forgotten, and created something edible, consumable, art in its own right.

It's times like these that I feel like a butcher.

Directing and slicing, until I'm sore, and then with what's left, I'm off to make something more.

My videos are like sausages I suppose.

I am a digital sausage maker. 

What say you?

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