29 June, 2016


So yesterday I was at my mom's house, cutting the lawn as I occasionally do. The lawn came together really nice, so I figured maybe I could do a little extra work...

There has been a raspberry bush infestation growing for the past 4 or 5 years, and it has passed me off so much. I cut a little back, it doubles in height and width. Evil stuff.

Well, today I decided it was time to take some frustration out on the thorned bastards. I decided to go through my grandfather's shed and see if there was any weed killer, or something similar that would destroy those lanky bitches.

Sure enough I found the remains of a little weed killer, and an almost full bottle of wheel cleaner! Fuck yeah! This wheel cleaner should do the trick!

So, to be safe, I put on a chemical resistant give on my right hand, but not my left.  I assumed I would just keep my left hand out of the way. Well, that was my first mistake.

It turned out that the spray nozzel and trigger were wonky as shit, and after every spray, I had to replace the trigger into position. With this in practice, I went at it, being careful to stay upwind of the spray.

About half way through spraying, I noticed that my glove was soaked, and my left hoodie sleeve that contained my hidden hand was starting to become moist. This was a really bad sign.

I kept at it, eventually pulling my left arm out of the sleeve, as I found my sleeve to be even more soaked in fluid. My glove hand, doused in cleaner, spreading the liquid up my hoodied hand as well. It was at this moment I decided enough was enough. I had sprayed the entire perimeter of the bushes, and I was dobe fucking around. I took the bottle, opened the top, poured it on the nearest bush, and flung both the nozzel and bottle deep into the bushes. Well, not before reading the ingredients that is...

Turns out I was playing with a diluted Hydrofluoric Acid! If you are unsure as to what that is, go Google it. I'll wait.

After realizing myn mistake I juried to the barn, stripped off my glove, stripped my hoodie and pants off, and went inside where I had mom f I'll 'll a bowl with some Distilled White Vinegar in the hopes to neutralize any remaining acid. I soaked my hands for a bit, and washed well with cool water and mild soap.

To be safe, I ate eight Tums, and got a hold of my doctor. She advised me to buy some liquid antacids and soak my hands for a while to give my skin a bit of help in warding off any severe burns.

If you are wondering why the Tums abd the Antacids, it is because HF likes to, as my friend Richie puts it, play Pacman with Calcium inside of your body. Up toad including your bones, and lining of your heart. YAY!

So, tomorrow I follow up with my doctor to see what she has to say, but between you and me, I think I may have dodged a bullet. I may not be out of the woods for sure yet, but I know fore a fact this could have already gone much, much worse.

What a day.

- RE

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