24 June, 2016

A Shade of Grey

It isn't often that you meet someone who leaves you infatuated with them. Wanting to know their story, dissect their existence, to further understand their minds. No, most people I'd prefer to dissect them in, and for, various other reasons. None of which are out of curiosity.

No, it isn't often that someone catches your mind and doesn't leave. I don't know if it is the irrational clinging of a scared man, or the longing to attach to something outside of my daily life.

If it sounds like I am romanticizing a simple meeting with someone new, you aren't totally wrong. I know I am probably over thinking something that should be a simple matter. Is it love? No. It is an emotion I can't place. The feeling that, even through minimal interaction, I know that there are still decent people in the world. I guess it is hope. I've been so detatched from hope, that I think I lost the ability to recognize what it means to hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Sure, I may never meet her again, I may never meet someone similar, but in this mood of moods I've been having, it is nice to know that, even if I lost it all, I may be able to find someone out there to talk to. Even if only for a moment.

Hopefully my sincerity comes off in a manner that doesn't sound crazy and/or creepy... Sometimes emotions are just so damned hard to explain. Trying to talk them out leaves me afraid of sounding different than I expect/plan/want to.

Either way, I think it's Bob Ross o'clock.


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