15 January, 2015

Diablo 3: The Loaded Polar Bear: A 2.1.2 Demon Hunter Build


With this build, we are focusing on a high damage output, while also trying to stay as safe as possible. However, since Toughness is not a real priority, it would require some adjustments to be completely Hardcore viable.

The functionality of The Loaded Polar Bear is quite simple. Chill enemies, while keeping your Sentries within Line of Sight of the target mobs, ensuring as high of a damage output as possible, thanks to Zei's Stone of Vengeance.

I find that while it may be a bit tricky, and resource heavy, to get used to, the outcome is quite nice in practice.

The best thing about this build is the fact that it remains open in regards to Jewelry, and a Main Hand, as different pieces will come into play based on specific scenarios.

For my all around build, I am still not optimized, and can not wait for the day that I can finally roll for a Hellfire Amulet that can help back me up with a desirable passive skill. (Blood Vengeance would be nice so that I could free up my Bracers with something more tailored to the build.)



» Evasive Fire: Focus

» Cluster Arrow: Loaded for Bear

-Action Bar-

» Vault: Tumble or Trail of Cinders

» Companion: Any

» Smoke Screen: Lingering Fog

» Sentry: Polar Station


» Cull the Weak

» Steady Aim

» Awareness

» Archery


» Marauder's Visage

» Marauder's Spines

» ??? Hellfire Amulet Ideal ???

» Cindercoat

» Marauder's Gloves

» Reaper's Wraps

» The Witching Hour

» Ring of Royal Grandeur

» Marauder's Encasement

» ??? High Damage ???

» Marauder's Treads

» Bombardier's Rucksack


» Bane of the Trapped

» Zei's Stone of Vengeance

» Enforcer

//- Time Stamps-\\

» Intro: 00:00

» Items: 01:41

» Skills: 08:06

» Rift Start: 11:31

» Rift Guardian: 14:20

» Treasure Goblin: 15:49

» Malevolent Tormentor: 16:05

» Treasure Goblin 16:55

» Rift End/Identification: 17:17

» Closing: 18:46

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