15 January, 2015

Diablo 3: The Loaded Polar Bear: A 2.1.2 Demon Hunter Build


With this build, we are focusing on a high damage output, while also trying to stay as safe as possible. However, since Toughness is not a real priority, it would require some adjustments to be completely Hardcore viable.

The functionality of The Loaded Polar Bear is quite simple. Chill enemies, while keeping your Sentries within Line of Sight of the target mobs, ensuring as high of a damage output as possible, thanks to Zei's Stone of Vengeance.

I find that while it may be a bit tricky, and resource heavy, to get used to, the outcome is quite nice in practice.

The best thing about this build is the fact that it remains open in regards to Jewelry, and a Main Hand, as different pieces will come into play based on specific scenarios.

For my all around build, I am still not optimized, and can not wait for the day that I can finally roll for a Hellfire Amulet that can help back me up with a desirable passive skill. (Blood Vengeance would be nice so that I could free up my Bracers with something more tailored to the build.)



» Evasive Fire: Focus

» Cluster Arrow: Loaded for Bear

-Action Bar-

» Vault: Tumble or Trail of Cinders

» Companion: Any

» Smoke Screen: Lingering Fog

» Sentry: Polar Station


» Cull the Weak

» Steady Aim

» Awareness

» Archery


» Marauder's Visage

» Marauder's Spines

» ??? Hellfire Amulet Ideal ???

» Cindercoat

» Marauder's Gloves

» Reaper's Wraps

» The Witching Hour

» Ring of Royal Grandeur

» Marauder's Encasement

» ??? High Damage ???

» Marauder's Treads

» Bombardier's Rucksack


» Bane of the Trapped

» Zei's Stone of Vengeance

» Enforcer

//- Time Stamps-\\

» Intro: 00:00

» Items: 01:41

» Skills: 08:06

» Rift Start: 11:31

» Rift Guardian: 14:20

» Treasure Goblin: 15:49

» Malevolent Tormentor: 16:05

» Treasure Goblin 16:55

» Rift End/Identification: 17:17

» Closing: 18:46

13 January, 2015

Diablo 3: Demon Hunter - Grifts

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today in Sanctuary, we are graced with the release of the newest patch from Blizzard, Patch 2.1.2!

All in all, I experienced a little bit of everything today, and I am happy with how the changes have been implemented.

Though, in the current state it doesn't seem viable to craft any Ancient Weapons, it is an interesting system to have implemented to help push those dedicated to the leaderboards even further.

12 January, 2015

Diablo 3: Demon Hunter Rifting For A Cindercoat Before 2.1.2 [RR:04]

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today in Sanctuary, we are running Rifts on our US - Seasonal Demon Hunter, hoping to prepare for Patch 2.1.2 that is looming over the horizon.

09 January, 2015

Diablo 3: Demon Hunter Story Mode - Act Five [Speed Run: 03]

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today in Sanctuary,

We are playing our EU Softcore, Non-Season, Demon Hunter.

Taking on Act Five, and a test run of a Torment 1 Rift.

It is time to attempt to clear Story Mode as fast as possible, so that we can start Rifting ASAP. :D

04 January, 2015

Diablo 3: Demon Hunter Mid-Game Gear & Leveling Guide [Budget Build: 01]

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today I am going to show you how I gear my Demon Hunter on a budget.


While it is fun to run a harder difficulty, the time spent does not even out for the reward gained.

Typically I run Normal until I can run Torment 1 as fast as, or nearly as fast as, Normal.

This will increase your run speed, and decrease your sluggish "Wading Through Oatmeal" feel.

Doing this until 70 may seem like it takes longer, however, it makes for a much more comfortable experience.


I find, that while leveling, you really have to play your build based on what you find.

As for skills, I would opt to run something along the lines of:

» Evasive Fire (Covering Fire)

» Chakram (Twin Chakram)

» Vault (Tumble)

» Companion (Bat Companion)

» Sentry (Spitfire Turret)

» Multishot (Fire at Will)

Passives are a bit fun to play with, but based on the above build, I would suggest:

Thrill of the Hunt (Every Six seconds, the entire screen is stunned thanks to Multishot)

Blood Vengence


Upon hitting 55, you will want to ReSpec to something more Rocket lovely such as Multishot (Arsenal) instead of Chakram, and running Smoke Screen with the Rune of your choice.

Then at 55, also swap out a passive for Ballistics to gain some extra DPS from your Rockets.

The rest is up to you to decide how you want to play. Either heavily offensive, or heavily defensive. Either way, this build will work well as a middle ground hybrid thingy. :D

Specific gear is less important, however there are a few key pieces you want to try for if RNGesus curses you repeatedly upon hitting 70.

//-70 and Beyond-\\

First off, killing Malthael at level 70 to get the plans for a pair of Reaper Wraps is huge. These will save you so much frustration with balancing gear.

Next, you goal is to run some bounties. The goal is less of finding the Horadric Cache only items, and more of getting Rift Key Stones.

Act One, Act Four, and Act Five are my favorite Bounties to run for Demon Hunters.

Act One for Ring/Amy chance.

Act Four for a chance to find anything.

Act Five for Crossbow chance.

Past that, once you start being able to run Rifts, start running them!

The reason that you want to get into Rifts is for one of two reasons.

First, being that while inside of a Rift, you have an increased chance for Legendary & Set drops.

Second, being that, unless you run Torment 6 Bounties, the odds of finding the specific items you are looking for is quite low.



» Evasive Fire: Covering Fire

» Multishot: Arsenal

-Action Bar-

» Vault: Trail of Cinders

» Companion: Bat Companion

» Smoke Screen: Displacement

» Sentry: Spitfire Turret


» Ballistics

» Blood Vengeance

» Awareness

» Tactical Advantage


While gear is completely between you and RNGesus, the idea is that you will become stronger over time. Due to the items I had on hand, I was able to show you what my typical mid-game build would look like upon completion. However, it is not necessarily true that you will complete this build exactly as I have before finding your optimal rigging for current End Game.

So while it is interesting to see my Mid-Game build going balls to the walls, I am sure you will have a lot more of a struggle getting to the point in which I have achieved today. Which, honestly, this setup took me quite some time to arrange, in and of itself.

So this section will be up to you to fill in, aside from the key items that I have found worth while to pursue at all costs.

» Magefist

» http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/magefist

» Cinder Coat

» http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/cindercoat

» Reaper Wraps

» http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/reapers-wraps

» Danetta's Spite

» http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/danettas-spite

» Danetta's Revenge

» http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/danettas-revenge

03 January, 2015

Diablo 3: M6/N3 Demon Hunter - Going Pew Pew on Some Rifts [RR:03]

Today we are running some rifts with my M6/N3 Geared Demon Hunter.

I am so loving this build, however, I can't wait to see what changes the new patch brings. :D