20 November, 2015

Something Big This Way Comes

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today I share with you the biggest announcement I've had all year!

Are you ready?


» Buy Sum Gaems!

» https://www.g2a.com/r/robustenigma

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» http://www.robustenigma.com

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Please feel free to pass along any questions, comments, or concerns. Feedback is always welcomed. :)

04 October, 2015

Burger King Halloween Whopper Food Review [RE-Eats]

Time to try my hand at the new Burger King Halloween Whopper, black buns and all! :D

Enigma's Personal Picks Playlist

It's been a while my faithful minions! So here is a playlist of my personal favorite videos. :D

Sit back, relax, and indulge in this hand built playlist of awesome.

08 July, 2015

A Call To Arms From My Fellow Gamers!

Greetings Minions of Internet Land,

One of my best friends, Richie Wolk, is homeless, suffering from EDS, with no sign of help. Not even enough money in his pocket to get a bus ticket to somewhere safe.

If you can spare anything, even a dollar, it would make the world of difference to not only him, but me as well. Becoming homeless can happen to anyone, and at this point, charity is the only real solution. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome can never be cured, but with some basic housing, and support, at least a little bit of comfort can be obtained.

If you feel that you are interested, and able, to donate, you can find his fundraiser: Richie the Homeless Ehlers-Danlos guy

03 July, 2015

Playing GTA 5 With My Wife [FMF:07]

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today I bring you episode seven of Funny Moments Friday.

In this episode my wife and I take GTA 5 by storm!

Who's with us?!

19 June, 2015

GTA V Funny Moments: "Going To School" [FMF: 06]

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today I bring you my sixth episode of Funny Moments Friday!

This episode is finally the end of our hectic heist struggles.


» Missing Minds: https://goo.gl/oitW2X

» Gaming HQ: https://goo.gl/4XLaui

» Danimal471: https://goo.gl/yRNs9r

13 June, 2015

Ask RE Anything - "Zombie Apocalypse" [AREA:03]

This weeks Ask RE Anything is finally up! Enjoy AREA: 03, and don't forget to ask your questions for next week!

12 June, 2015

GTA V Funny Moments: "Impasse" [FMF: 05]

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today I bring you my fifth entry of Funny Moments Friday!

This episode is a continuation of our last episode, picking up where we left off, riding in the back of a van, waiting for some candy.


» Missing Minds: https://goo.gl/oitW2X

» Gaming HQ: https://goo.gl/4XLaui

» Danimal471: https://goo.gl/yRNs9r

08 June, 2015

Enigmatic Mysteries

I was just featured on the How About You? with Griffin & Drew Podcast. :D

How About You? : Enigmatic Mysteries

05 June, 2015

GTA V Funny Moments: "You Are a Pirate" [FMF:04]

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Another episode of Funny Moments Friday for your eyeballs to gorge on. :D

If you are interested in finding Buck's channel, it is:


01 June, 2015

Ask RE Anything - "How To Pick A Lock" [AREA: 01]

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today I am glad to bring you the first official episode of Ask RE Anything!

This took me a little while to do, but it reminded me a lot of doing a Video Blog, and that's a good thing.

Despite all the setbacks, this was a wonderfully fun video to prep, and make, and hopefully it helps to bring you ever so slightly more into the realm of my minions.

29 May, 2015

Funny Moments Friday: 03 - GTA Online [FMF:03]

Who's ready to get their chuckle on?

Today on Funny Moments Friday, we play GTA V, exploring the world,  especially the military base.

23 May, 2015

Ask RE Anything - Introduction [AREA:00]

You asked, so here it is. Your chance to Ask RE Anything! Post your question in the YouTube Comments Section, and the top 8 likes questions will be answered for next week's installment of, Ask RE Anything. :D

19 May, 2015

Diablo 3: The Cow Level & The Vault Back-To-Back

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today I show you the Not A Cow Level, and The Vault, back to back.

The total elapsed game time was about somewhere around 28 minutes. So, not bad for a half hour worth of work. :P

My copy of the video got all weird, so I lost everything after killing Greed. The only thing you miss is the identification of the items. Yes, it was a Unity, though it was not an upgrade.

Past that, enjoy the show, and may RNGesus be with you all.

17 April, 2015

Funny Moments Friday: Episode 02 - GTA Online [FMF:02]

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Here it is, the second episode of Funny Moments Friday.

In this episode we explore GTA Online, and things happen. :D

The quality is low, due to limitations on Console Capturing.

If you would like to support my endeavors of getting better capturing hardware, you can make a donation below.


» Google Wallet: YouTube.Com/RobustEnigma

» PayPal/Bitcoin: Streamtip.com/t/RobustEnigma

10 April, 2015

Funny Moments Friday: Episode 01 - Diablo 3 [FMF:01]

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today I bring you my first edition of Funny Moments Friday, or FMF:01 for short.

In this episode we are doing a variety of things on the Demon Hunter and Barbarian classes.

If long highlights, and even longer live streams aren't your thing, try this on for size, and let me know how you like it, in the comments section below.

09 April, 2015

Diablo 3: Exploring Patch 2.2 Highlights

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

This is my Highlights from my recent Live Stream, exploring the new features of Patch 2.2.

We start off running our Softcore Demon Hunter through the new Bounties, following up with some Rifts and Greater Rifts.

Then we move over to our Hardcore Demon Hunter, running Greater Rifts to try and up our maximum Blood Shard storage, however, things got a bit... frustrating.

So on we moved, beginning to experiment, and gear, our Softcore Barbarian named Lenny.

All in all, I think it was a pretty good day in Sanctuary.

07 April, 2015

Diablo 3: Season 2 Has Come To Pass

With the closing of Season 2, Season 3 looms just over the horizon.

While I am saddened by my loss, I am excited to feel the passion burning in the bottom of my stomach to push Season 3 harder than the previous two season combined.

May RNGesus be with you all.

02 April, 2015

NecroSynthetic : Bloodborne in Blood

I stumbled upon this video from a friend, and have been loving it since.

Bloodborne looks like such an awesome game, and the slower tone of the background music, Born In Blood by King Dude makes for an amazingly haunting experience.

Well worth the couple of minutes to watch.


30 March, 2015

How To Easily Farm Reusable Parts [Patch: 2.1.2]

Today I show you how I can easily farm Reusable Parts in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.

I find that these two areas are wonderful for farming Reusable Parts, though, I am sure there are other places to grind out some crafting mats as well.

If you know of another place in Sanctuary that is worth a look, feel free to leave a comment about it below.

27 March, 2015

RE-Plays: Diablo 2: Assassin Clearing: Act 3 - Live Stream Action

Today we are playing our Softcore Assassin, clearing Act 3!

//-In-Game Info-\\

» Battle Tag: RobustEnigma

» Server: US

» Class: Assassin

» Other: Softcore Ladder

23 March, 2015

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today I welcome you to my channel, and request a little bit of interaction.

Go ahead, explore my channel, find what tickles your fancy, and come back to me here, letting me know what you've found... I'll wait right here. :)

17 March, 2015

RE-Plays: Diablo 3: Derping On My Demon Hunter: Part 01

/ / - Greetings Minions of Internet Land! - \ \

» RE-Plays «
» Diablo 3 «
» Derping On My Demon Hunter «
» Part 1 «

//-In-Game Info-\\
» Battle Tag: RobustEnigma#1923
» Server: US
» Class: Demon Hunter

06 March, 2015

Diablo 3: Tempest Rush & Exploding Palm Lightning Monk - Act 1 Bounty Run

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today in Sanctuary I show off my Tempest Rush & Exploding Palm Lighting build.

I am quite happy with the way this build is turning out, and while I know it isn't something fresh and new for some of you serious players, it is sure as hell worthy enough for me to show it off a bit. :)

I'm excited to hear back what sort of Monk build you are running this season!


Exploding Palm: Shocking Grasp

Tempest Rush: Electric Field

Dashing Strike: Quicksilver

Mystic Ally: Air Ally

Sweeping Wind: Cyclone

Mantra of Healing: Circular Breathing


Chant of Resonance


Exalted Soul


//-In-Game Info-\\

» Battle Tag: RobustEnigma#1923

» Server: US

» Class: Monk

» Other: Hardcore Seasonal

05 March, 2015

RE-Plays: Diablo 3: Season 2 Hardcore Monk Gearing For Torment [Part: 02]

All in all I am happy with the way that today turned out, and even though we had three close calls, I didn't die, and that's the important part! :P

Also, kinda went a bit insane during the last hour... I suppose it was just one of those days. XD

RE-Plays: Diablo 3: Season 2 Hardcore Monk Gearing For Torment [Part: 02]

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today in Sanctuary we continue on experimenting with Tempest Rush and Exploding Palm.

The goal for today is to be able to safely, and comfortably push into Torment 4, and beyond! :D

21 February, 2015

Diablo 3: Pay To Win Microtransactions Coming Soon?

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today in Sanctuary, we learn that Diablo 3 may be moving toward a Pay to Win game, allowing users to purchase Timed Experience Boosts, essentially breaking the Season and Ladder system.

RE-Plays: Medieval Engineers: My First Building Blocks [ME:01]

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today we are taking a step away from Diablo 3, and playing something a little more realistic.

Okay, so a lot more realistic.

Today, we are playing Medieval Engineers, which is in Steam Early Access, and so far, looks pretty promising.


19 February, 2015

Diablo 3: Season 2 Hardcore Demon Hunter Playlist

It's been a while since I posted over here, but rest assured, I have not stopped being awesome! :D

In all actuality, I have been Live Streaming more and more Diablo 3 than ever before.

If you are interested in checking out my most recent activities in Sanctuary, you can see my Season 2 Playlist below.

This season I have been running a Hardcore Demon Hunter, and in all honesty, I don't know if I will be going back to Softcore anytime soon. :)

As always, thanks for tuning in, and I hope all of your adventures yield prosperous results.


09 February, 2015

Diablo 3: Clearing The Crumbling Vault

Today in Sanctuary, I bring you a short video of me taking on the event, The Crumbling Vault.

04 February, 2015

Diablo 3: T4 Crusader Rifts - Gearing Up For a Possible Build Test [RR:07]

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today in Sanctuary we are going to be playing on my Non-Seasonal Crusader, attempting to gear up through Torment 4, to Torment 6 Rifts, so that we can eventually run a Build Test, for a concept that I have been dreaming about for weeks.

My goal is to have this build finalized before Season 2 starts, so I can dedicate all of my time back to a new Demon Hunter.

//-In-Game Info-\\

» Battle Tag: RobustEnigma#1923

» Server: US

» Class: Crusader

» Other: Softcore

03 February, 2015

Diablo 3: The End of An Era Has Come... So Long RobinTheHood. Goodbye Se...

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today makes for a somber day my friends, Season 1 has ended, marking the end of an era for my Demon Hunter friend, RobinTheHood.

May we all take a moment of silence as we pay our respects to such an amazing character.

May the issue of character clutter be addressed before the next era comes to a close, so that we can properly pay our eternal respects to our gone, but never forgotten, friends.

15 January, 2015

Diablo 3: The Loaded Polar Bear: A 2.1.2 Demon Hunter Build


With this build, we are focusing on a high damage output, while also trying to stay as safe as possible. However, since Toughness is not a real priority, it would require some adjustments to be completely Hardcore viable.

The functionality of The Loaded Polar Bear is quite simple. Chill enemies, while keeping your Sentries within Line of Sight of the target mobs, ensuring as high of a damage output as possible, thanks to Zei's Stone of Vengeance.

I find that while it may be a bit tricky, and resource heavy, to get used to, the outcome is quite nice in practice.

The best thing about this build is the fact that it remains open in regards to Jewelry, and a Main Hand, as different pieces will come into play based on specific scenarios.

For my all around build, I am still not optimized, and can not wait for the day that I can finally roll for a Hellfire Amulet that can help back me up with a desirable passive skill. (Blood Vengeance would be nice so that I could free up my Bracers with something more tailored to the build.)



» Evasive Fire: Focus

» Cluster Arrow: Loaded for Bear

-Action Bar-

» Vault: Tumble or Trail of Cinders

» Companion: Any

» Smoke Screen: Lingering Fog

» Sentry: Polar Station


» Cull the Weak

» Steady Aim

» Awareness

» Archery


» Marauder's Visage

» Marauder's Spines

» ??? Hellfire Amulet Ideal ???

» Cindercoat

» Marauder's Gloves

» Reaper's Wraps

» The Witching Hour

» Ring of Royal Grandeur

» Marauder's Encasement

» ??? High Damage ???

» Marauder's Treads

» Bombardier's Rucksack


» Bane of the Trapped

» Zei's Stone of Vengeance

» Enforcer

//- Time Stamps-\\

» Intro: 00:00

» Items: 01:41

» Skills: 08:06

» Rift Start: 11:31

» Rift Guardian: 14:20

» Treasure Goblin: 15:49

» Malevolent Tormentor: 16:05

» Treasure Goblin 16:55

» Rift End/Identification: 17:17

» Closing: 18:46

13 January, 2015

Diablo 3: Demon Hunter - Grifts

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today in Sanctuary, we are graced with the release of the newest patch from Blizzard, Patch 2.1.2!

All in all, I experienced a little bit of everything today, and I am happy with how the changes have been implemented.

Though, in the current state it doesn't seem viable to craft any Ancient Weapons, it is an interesting system to have implemented to help push those dedicated to the leaderboards even further.

12 January, 2015

Diablo 3: Demon Hunter Rifting For A Cindercoat Before 2.1.2 [RR:04]

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today in Sanctuary, we are running Rifts on our US - Seasonal Demon Hunter, hoping to prepare for Patch 2.1.2 that is looming over the horizon.

09 January, 2015

Diablo 3: Demon Hunter Story Mode - Act Five [Speed Run: 03]

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today in Sanctuary,

We are playing our EU Softcore, Non-Season, Demon Hunter.

Taking on Act Five, and a test run of a Torment 1 Rift.

It is time to attempt to clear Story Mode as fast as possible, so that we can start Rifting ASAP. :D

04 January, 2015

Diablo 3: Demon Hunter Mid-Game Gear & Leveling Guide [Budget Build: 01]

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today I am going to show you how I gear my Demon Hunter on a budget.


While it is fun to run a harder difficulty, the time spent does not even out for the reward gained.

Typically I run Normal until I can run Torment 1 as fast as, or nearly as fast as, Normal.

This will increase your run speed, and decrease your sluggish "Wading Through Oatmeal" feel.

Doing this until 70 may seem like it takes longer, however, it makes for a much more comfortable experience.


I find, that while leveling, you really have to play your build based on what you find.

As for skills, I would opt to run something along the lines of:

» Evasive Fire (Covering Fire)

» Chakram (Twin Chakram)

» Vault (Tumble)

» Companion (Bat Companion)

» Sentry (Spitfire Turret)

» Multishot (Fire at Will)

Passives are a bit fun to play with, but based on the above build, I would suggest:

Thrill of the Hunt (Every Six seconds, the entire screen is stunned thanks to Multishot)

Blood Vengence


Upon hitting 55, you will want to ReSpec to something more Rocket lovely such as Multishot (Arsenal) instead of Chakram, and running Smoke Screen with the Rune of your choice.

Then at 55, also swap out a passive for Ballistics to gain some extra DPS from your Rockets.

The rest is up to you to decide how you want to play. Either heavily offensive, or heavily defensive. Either way, this build will work well as a middle ground hybrid thingy. :D

Specific gear is less important, however there are a few key pieces you want to try for if RNGesus curses you repeatedly upon hitting 70.

//-70 and Beyond-\\

First off, killing Malthael at level 70 to get the plans for a pair of Reaper Wraps is huge. These will save you so much frustration with balancing gear.

Next, you goal is to run some bounties. The goal is less of finding the Horadric Cache only items, and more of getting Rift Key Stones.

Act One, Act Four, and Act Five are my favorite Bounties to run for Demon Hunters.

Act One for Ring/Amy chance.

Act Four for a chance to find anything.

Act Five for Crossbow chance.

Past that, once you start being able to run Rifts, start running them!

The reason that you want to get into Rifts is for one of two reasons.

First, being that while inside of a Rift, you have an increased chance for Legendary & Set drops.

Second, being that, unless you run Torment 6 Bounties, the odds of finding the specific items you are looking for is quite low.



» Evasive Fire: Covering Fire

» Multishot: Arsenal

-Action Bar-

» Vault: Trail of Cinders

» Companion: Bat Companion

» Smoke Screen: Displacement

» Sentry: Spitfire Turret


» Ballistics

» Blood Vengeance

» Awareness

» Tactical Advantage


While gear is completely between you and RNGesus, the idea is that you will become stronger over time. Due to the items I had on hand, I was able to show you what my typical mid-game build would look like upon completion. However, it is not necessarily true that you will complete this build exactly as I have before finding your optimal rigging for current End Game.

So while it is interesting to see my Mid-Game build going balls to the walls, I am sure you will have a lot more of a struggle getting to the point in which I have achieved today. Which, honestly, this setup took me quite some time to arrange, in and of itself.

So this section will be up to you to fill in, aside from the key items that I have found worth while to pursue at all costs.

» Magefist

» http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/magefist

» Cinder Coat

» http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/cindercoat

» Reaper Wraps

» http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/reapers-wraps

» Danetta's Spite

» http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/danettas-spite

» Danetta's Revenge

» http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/danettas-revenge

03 January, 2015

Diablo 3: M6/N3 Demon Hunter - Going Pew Pew on Some Rifts [RR:03]

Today we are running some rifts with my M6/N3 Geared Demon Hunter.

I am so loving this build, however, I can't wait to see what changes the new patch brings. :D