23 August, 2014

Social Acceptance. [DV: 05]

Social Acceptance.

Greetings friends, Branden Here.

Today I would like to talk to you about social acceptance, and how a desire to become accepted is bullshit.

While it is a quest that most of us attempt to partake, I find it a valiant sham to try and focus your time and effort on making the general populace happy.

Fuck the general populace.

Fuck your “friends.”

Fuck your family.

Fuck anyone who is in your way, keeping you from becoming yourself and who you want to be.

There is absolutely no reason to wake up sad in the morning.

No reason to let the struggles of social manipulation come before enjoying who you can, and will, be.

I bid you all good luck in your quest to find joy through self fulfillment.

Never stop being you, no one can be you for you,

And with that, I bid you all good day.

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