20 August, 2014

Finding Personal and Social Balance. [Daily Vlog: 02]

Finding Personal and Social Balance

Greetings friends, Branden here.

Today I would like to discuss a concept that has been pestering me for quite a while.

The idea stems from trying to develop an ability to balance personal and social interaction.

While I am the type of enjoys a lot of personal space to work, being alone does tend to grow tiresome. Mainly because, while my fiancee works, I am home to try and putter around, doing the things that I know need to be done.

The issue starts to fall into the realm of procrastination, and eventually, I’ve got a backloged workload of mismatched goals, which can cause me to lose the ability to stay focused.

Frankly, it sucks.

Now, this brings me to the social aspect.

When people hear that you are home, they assume you are available, and they tend to try and finagle ways to get you out, or visit you in, which, in general isn’t terrible. However, there have been quite a few occasions where I let my home life sink to a dramatic low, only because I was elsewhere doing other things.

It is important to stress, that while I am equal parts introvert and extrovert, the fluctuation in moods between the two can be huge, fast, and even sometimes confusing. Often, I can’t decide which I am, introvert or extrovert, as the pros and cons of each situation are so level that it can sometimes frustrate me to bouts of grief.

Which, brings me to my main thought. While I don’t have a vehicle of my own, I often feel trapped, even if only subconsciously, in situations that I would otherwise enjoy. Though most people would provide a ride here or there for me on a whim, the sense of burden is a pain in the ass, and can thus lead to an adverse reaction towards even the most enjoyable of experience.

So how do I balance a social and a personal life?

I try and treat my personal life as if it were a job. Some weeks I consider it a full time job, others, a part time.

I assess my time in chunks, varying on the projects I have at hand, or the emotional attachment I feel that needs to be addressed at the time.

So with that being said, it can often feel as if it is an eternal juggling act, only to fear the inevitable drop of the bowling pin.

Though, it could be said that dropping the pin is fine on occasion, as long as you come back to the show ready to try again.

And with that my friends, I bid you, Good day.

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