25 August, 2014

Creating Creative Creations [DV: 07]

Creating Creative Creations

Greetings friends.

Today I want you to Slow down, and reasses.

Loosely focus on the spectrum of your goal.
This allows you to accept and process variance, even when your first goal falls short of expectation.

Understand the beginning process, and your end goal.

Knowing all of the steps in between is mostly implausible. Expecting to be able to know exactly what needs to be done, and how, removes the element of humanity from your projects.

Build the middle ground as you go. However, be careful not to rebuild yourself so strongly in the process that you lose sight of your original passions entirely.

Quick fixes are a solution to small problems, however reassesing the situation as a whole provides a stronger understanding of the tasks at hand..

We as humans have nothing to live for other than time. The more we provide low quality solutions, the more we allow variables to take hold. The more we allow variables to take hold, the more we need to play cat and mouse to fix the issues at hand.

Sometimes going back and starting a new is the only option, as hindsight is generally 20/20.

It is important to hold onto no one that holds you back in life.

Your goals are important, and while they may not necessarily be more important that someone directly, your goals are just as important as theirs. Never stay in an uncomfortable situation in hopes of “saving face,” it is not worth suffering through.

However, be as humble as possible, and accept your own faults, as well as the faults of others.

There is no right way to be human, however, there is a wrong way.

The wrong way is to control, stifle, deter, and segregate, the innovation, happiness, excitement, and love that we can all experience.

We are all created from the same base materials. The only differences are in the arrangement of those materials, and the majority of those arrangements are not capable of being altered before, during, or after life.

And with that my friends, I bid you all a good day.

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