24 August, 2014

An Unhealthy Weekend. [DV: 06]

An Unhealthy Weekend.

Greetings friends, Branden here.

Today I would like to talk about my unhealthy weekend.

While I haven’t been one for sticking to a vigorous routine, I have been trying to keep myself swayed away from dietary pitfalls such as soda, sweets, snacks high in fat, and most importantly, overeating.

While I typically have a few days a month where I slip or stumble, this weekend was quite excessive.

Everything from buffets, brownies, pizza, soda, and the list goes on.

While I am not mad at myself like I normally would be, I am oddly accepting of what has happened.

I suppose it is because of my more rational mind as of recent that I am okay with the idea that even though I have allowed myself to slip, I know that I will be back to my general routine soon.

While my food intake may have been a bit skewed this weekend, to say the least, I think that it is also worth noting that my physical activity has maintained a bit higher than I would have otherwise been accustomed.

Sure, my activity level was not to the point at which my actions break even, however I know that while I may stumble here or there, as long as I continue to press on in my personal goals, these small bumps in the road will be nothing more than a slight deviation.

And with that, I bid you good day.

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