21 August, 2014

Advertising Traps [DV:03]

Advertising Traps

Greetings friends, Branden here.

Today I would like to discuss with you the concept of Advertising Traps.

Last night I went out shopping for supplies, and a few stores down from the grocery store was an athletic shop.

A young guy was putting up a sign that said select shoes were on BOGO, or Buy One, Get One. Turns out this sale was for Buy One, Get One 50% off on almost every shoe in the store.

Now, I’m a guy who is trying to increase his activity, and a nice pair of shoes have been a long time coming. Yet, I never seem to be able to budget them in.

I fell in love with a pair of shoes on the outside, only to find that they were a bit snug. Thankfully it was a deal breaker, as they were $100 for the pair.

I found a wider shoe a few shelves down and really fell in love with not only the style, but the comfort, and even the odd color on the outside that made them look as if I had stepped on a clown’s face!

These shoes were only $66!

So the plan was to try and find my fiancee a pair of shoes for work, however, we couldn’t seem to find a pair that she enjoyed enough to spend the spontaneous cash on. Not to mention, we had honestly not done any of the math and budgeting required to allow for such a purchase.

In the mean time, while Brittney was searching the shelves, I was talking to the wonderful lass, and she had me try out an amazing pair of insoles. It was the first time in my life that I honestly felt true comfort in a shoe. The insole was firmly formed around the arch, with extra gel on the heel, and squishy squishy rubber throughout. It was Nirvana on a foot.

Sadly, that threw on an extra $30, on top of the $66 for the shoes, and the eventual $33 or so for the shoes that I was trying to get Brittney to buy. Because, ya know, BOGO bro!

Well, after some debate, Brittney decided to not get shoes, and I decided I needed socks, because I wasn’t dropping $100 on shoes only to not be able to wear them out of the store!

So off I went with the nice lass to find a pair of socks, which again, I found a pair that I fell in love with. Bright yellow, low cut, sweat-wicking socks. They would go perfect with my clown stompers!

Now, with my total nearing $110 before tax, I began to hesitate. The joy on our faces was turned to sorrow as we realised that if we allowed myself to continue, our entire food budget would be gone, I would be unable to get rings for our wedding, nor a shirt to wear in the glorious lineup of matrimony.

My heart sunk, my eyes began to get heavy and warm. I could feel the disappointment kick in, not just for myself, but for the both of us. I could see the shame in Brittney’s eyes, knowing she couldn't help me get a purchase I had so longed to get, for an entire half hour.

At this point, I realised I needed to know exactly what I had fallen in love with, so I could possibly fulfill my desires for glorious running shoes in the future.

Politely I approached the counter where my shoes and insoles had been places, and informed the woman behind the counter that I was too afraid to spend such an amount without proper calculation.

Surprisingly, the woman was amazingly courteous as I asked her to write down exactly what I had picked out. I almost believe she was able to read the disappointment in my face for having to turn down such a wonderful purchase.

Either way, she filled out a slip of paper, handed it to me, and let me on my way with a large smile.

Looking back on the experience, I find it oddly terrifying how easily a simple stop could have cost us our entire food budget if I hadn’t narrowly avoided such a trap.

I suppose that in the right situation, anyone could be taken aback by such an incident, but I never expected that it would be me standing there riding the waves of enticement.

In the end though, if it is something I feel the need to pursue in the future, at least I took the proper steps to provide myself a firm basis to be an informed consumer next time.

And with that being said, I bid you all Good Day.

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