13 March, 2014


I have a pet peeve that I need to get off of my chest, and while I may receive flack because of it, I’d rather not keep it bottled up inside.

While being on Social Security, I find myself with the feeling of being shunned because I have a semi-nice apartment, a cell phone, a computer, and so forth. It irritates, and frankly, hurts, to have people judge me and question me about my abilities, and earthly possessions.

While I am by no means a rich man, through the power of control and teamwork, my fiancee and I are able to live. While it may not be easy some months, we find ourselves living through sacrifice. Sure, some months are harder than others, but through a proper budget, we are able to take care of ourselves, and our goals as well. It is through these actions that we are able to provide ourselves with the occasional night out, or semi-large purchase. I opt to stay off of food stamps, despite various people suggesting I take all the help I can get. However, that’s not me. I don’t need to live easier, I need to live smarter, and while I personally can’t see myself being able to work today, tomorrow, or the next, I know that every day that I groom myself into becoming a better man is another step in the direction of prosperity. No one is going to invest in me for no reason. Goals, ideas, passion, those are the things that create a wonderful person, and those are the things that I am aiming for. I have been called a welfare sucker by my own family (though, for clarification, not my direct, family) and yet, that person knew nothing about who I am, or where I wanted to be. It is funny in a way, that anyone on Social Security, or supportive benefits in general, are stigmatised to not be allowed to be happy, or at the very least, content. We are not socially allowed to discuss our plans, goals, aspirations, passions, achievements, or any other positive fraction of our otherwise dull lives. It is a disgusting way to treat another human. It is the equivalent of being in an emotionally and socially acceptable cage, and even the act of taking one evening for yourself warrants angered gestures. Why, you may ask? Well, because people feel that being dead in the water, is a sort of paid vacation. Yet no one realises the stress involved, the inability to press outward, in fear of losing the last remaining bit of the world we have left to cherish.

I tire of seeing bullshit propaganda about mothers with “x” kids, and “No Job” as if it is a bad thing. Is it truly your place to judge another person for following a path without the ability to take a detour. One child and a bad father spirals into two children, and two terrible fathers. Two children spirals into the inability to fully provide for your children, which spirals into applying for food stamps. Beginning to find comfort and trust spirals into a search for love that may just end the same way the first two did. Yet, now, alone, hungry, and tired, the mother as the ability to provide a better home for her now three children if she doesn’t work a part time job on minimum wage. I suppose you will never understand just how quickly a simple nudge can turn your world upside down. Yet, you can easily blame her, and her children, as a burden on society. You can judge, and tell lies, and fling mud, because you work hard for your money. However, your greed blinds you to the painful struggle of the living human being you so mock, let alone her children, who never know if/when they will have a life outside of their small apartment, stressing from a young age about if there will be food by the end of the month.

If you still begrudge someone for being “on the system” then you are a broken human who realises not that we are all unified under the ideals that we are all living and breathing organisms trying to flourish in this strange new world. You are a desolate wretch of a person who finds that happiness can only come from comparing what you have to that of the possessions of others. As opposed to finding happiness if following your dreams to become the person you have always wanted to be, yet were always too afraid to act upon.

While I know that some of you have lost the spark in their heart that shows gratitude to all living things, but to those of you who haven't, and even to those of you who have, please try and remember that you are only as good of a person as you treat those around you. Despite knowing them or not, and by begrudging someone the ability to survive places you into the deepest seclusion of a disoriented state of consciousness. Everyone is on a different path, but we should all work to follow the same general goal. Survive, thrive, learn, explore. It’s the only way that we, as the human race, will ever be able to take a step in the right direction for a better future, and that step starts with you.

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