18 December, 2014

Diablo 3 M6 Demon Hunter Rift Runs: 5 Legendary & 4 Set Drops [RR:01]

Greetings Minions of Internet Land!

Today I take you on a simple Rift run on the current release of 2.1.1 on my decently geared M6 Demon Hunter.

I was amazed to get so many wonderful drops in a single game, even if most were salvaged. It is nice to have a bit of materials on hand regardless. :D


29 November, 2014

It's Been A While...

Greetings Friends,
Branden Here,

And today I would like to talk to you about some of the different aspect of my life that have been changing over the past few weeks/months.

Recently I have been contemplating a lot of different changes, such as changes with my passions, commitments, and future goals.

While it is always interesting to reflect on these changes, it is also stressful, however, what about life isn't?

It could easily be said that I am growing up, maturing, and hell, a lot of other different phrases that elude me right now, however meh.

I am still happy just being my silly normal self that has a passion for renewable living, odd hobbies, and video games.

So with that I want to share with you a concept or two of change.

First and foremost I want to reassess this blog into a hub for my video game videos and the likes, and less of my odd self-reflective posts from my experiences meditating.

So what does this mean for you?

Not a whole hell of a lot.

So enjoy a quick picture that I snagged off of my RobustEnigma channel analytics on YouTube.

It sure makes me smile to finally be making some form of progress again, even if it is on a scale that most would consider small. :D

With all that being said, I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I will catch you all on the flip-side. :D

25 August, 2014

Creating Creative Creations [DV: 07]

Creating Creative Creations

Greetings friends.

Today I want you to Slow down, and reasses.

Loosely focus on the spectrum of your goal.
This allows you to accept and process variance, even when your first goal falls short of expectation.

Understand the beginning process, and your end goal.

Knowing all of the steps in between is mostly implausible. Expecting to be able to know exactly what needs to be done, and how, removes the element of humanity from your projects.

Build the middle ground as you go. However, be careful not to rebuild yourself so strongly in the process that you lose sight of your original passions entirely.

Quick fixes are a solution to small problems, however reassesing the situation as a whole provides a stronger understanding of the tasks at hand..

We as humans have nothing to live for other than time. The more we provide low quality solutions, the more we allow variables to take hold. The more we allow variables to take hold, the more we need to play cat and mouse to fix the issues at hand.

Sometimes going back and starting a new is the only option, as hindsight is generally 20/20.

It is important to hold onto no one that holds you back in life.

Your goals are important, and while they may not necessarily be more important that someone directly, your goals are just as important as theirs. Never stay in an uncomfortable situation in hopes of “saving face,” it is not worth suffering through.

However, be as humble as possible, and accept your own faults, as well as the faults of others.

There is no right way to be human, however, there is a wrong way.

The wrong way is to control, stifle, deter, and segregate, the innovation, happiness, excitement, and love that we can all experience.

We are all created from the same base materials. The only differences are in the arrangement of those materials, and the majority of those arrangements are not capable of being altered before, during, or after life.

And with that my friends, I bid you all a good day.

24 August, 2014

An Unhealthy Weekend. [DV: 06]

An Unhealthy Weekend.

Greetings friends, Branden here.

Today I would like to talk about my unhealthy weekend.

While I haven’t been one for sticking to a vigorous routine, I have been trying to keep myself swayed away from dietary pitfalls such as soda, sweets, snacks high in fat, and most importantly, overeating.

While I typically have a few days a month where I slip or stumble, this weekend was quite excessive.

Everything from buffets, brownies, pizza, soda, and the list goes on.

While I am not mad at myself like I normally would be, I am oddly accepting of what has happened.

I suppose it is because of my more rational mind as of recent that I am okay with the idea that even though I have allowed myself to slip, I know that I will be back to my general routine soon.

While my food intake may have been a bit skewed this weekend, to say the least, I think that it is also worth noting that my physical activity has maintained a bit higher than I would have otherwise been accustomed.

Sure, my activity level was not to the point at which my actions break even, however I know that while I may stumble here or there, as long as I continue to press on in my personal goals, these small bumps in the road will be nothing more than a slight deviation.

And with that, I bid you good day.

23 August, 2014

Social Acceptance. [DV: 05]

Social Acceptance.

Greetings friends, Branden Here.

Today I would like to talk to you about social acceptance, and how a desire to become accepted is bullshit.

While it is a quest that most of us attempt to partake, I find it a valiant sham to try and focus your time and effort on making the general populace happy.

Fuck the general populace.

Fuck your “friends.”

Fuck your family.

Fuck anyone who is in your way, keeping you from becoming yourself and who you want to be.

There is absolutely no reason to wake up sad in the morning.

No reason to let the struggles of social manipulation come before enjoying who you can, and will, be.

I bid you all good luck in your quest to find joy through self fulfillment.

Never stop being you, no one can be you for you,

And with that, I bid you all good day.

22 August, 2014

Workshop Tour. [DV:04]

Today I don't have a script to post along with my Vlog entry. Enjoy the tour my friends!. :)

21 August, 2014

Advertising Traps [DV:03]

Advertising Traps

Greetings friends, Branden here.

Today I would like to discuss with you the concept of Advertising Traps.

Last night I went out shopping for supplies, and a few stores down from the grocery store was an athletic shop.

A young guy was putting up a sign that said select shoes were on BOGO, or Buy One, Get One. Turns out this sale was for Buy One, Get One 50% off on almost every shoe in the store.

Now, I’m a guy who is trying to increase his activity, and a nice pair of shoes have been a long time coming. Yet, I never seem to be able to budget them in.

I fell in love with a pair of shoes on the outside, only to find that they were a bit snug. Thankfully it was a deal breaker, as they were $100 for the pair.

I found a wider shoe a few shelves down and really fell in love with not only the style, but the comfort, and even the odd color on the outside that made them look as if I had stepped on a clown’s face!

These shoes were only $66!

So the plan was to try and find my fiancee a pair of shoes for work, however, we couldn’t seem to find a pair that she enjoyed enough to spend the spontaneous cash on. Not to mention, we had honestly not done any of the math and budgeting required to allow for such a purchase.

In the mean time, while Brittney was searching the shelves, I was talking to the wonderful lass, and she had me try out an amazing pair of insoles. It was the first time in my life that I honestly felt true comfort in a shoe. The insole was firmly formed around the arch, with extra gel on the heel, and squishy squishy rubber throughout. It was Nirvana on a foot.

Sadly, that threw on an extra $30, on top of the $66 for the shoes, and the eventual $33 or so for the shoes that I was trying to get Brittney to buy. Because, ya know, BOGO bro!

Well, after some debate, Brittney decided to not get shoes, and I decided I needed socks, because I wasn’t dropping $100 on shoes only to not be able to wear them out of the store!

So off I went with the nice lass to find a pair of socks, which again, I found a pair that I fell in love with. Bright yellow, low cut, sweat-wicking socks. They would go perfect with my clown stompers!

Now, with my total nearing $110 before tax, I began to hesitate. The joy on our faces was turned to sorrow as we realised that if we allowed myself to continue, our entire food budget would be gone, I would be unable to get rings for our wedding, nor a shirt to wear in the glorious lineup of matrimony.

My heart sunk, my eyes began to get heavy and warm. I could feel the disappointment kick in, not just for myself, but for the both of us. I could see the shame in Brittney’s eyes, knowing she couldn't help me get a purchase I had so longed to get, for an entire half hour.

At this point, I realised I needed to know exactly what I had fallen in love with, so I could possibly fulfill my desires for glorious running shoes in the future.

Politely I approached the counter where my shoes and insoles had been places, and informed the woman behind the counter that I was too afraid to spend such an amount without proper calculation.

Surprisingly, the woman was amazingly courteous as I asked her to write down exactly what I had picked out. I almost believe she was able to read the disappointment in my face for having to turn down such a wonderful purchase.

Either way, she filled out a slip of paper, handed it to me, and let me on my way with a large smile.

Looking back on the experience, I find it oddly terrifying how easily a simple stop could have cost us our entire food budget if I hadn’t narrowly avoided such a trap.

I suppose that in the right situation, anyone could be taken aback by such an incident, but I never expected that it would be me standing there riding the waves of enticement.

In the end though, if it is something I feel the need to pursue in the future, at least I took the proper steps to provide myself a firm basis to be an informed consumer next time.

And with that being said, I bid you all Good Day.

20 August, 2014

Finding Personal and Social Balance. [Daily Vlog: 02]

Finding Personal and Social Balance

Greetings friends, Branden here.

Today I would like to discuss a concept that has been pestering me for quite a while.

The idea stems from trying to develop an ability to balance personal and social interaction.

While I am the type of enjoys a lot of personal space to work, being alone does tend to grow tiresome. Mainly because, while my fiancee works, I am home to try and putter around, doing the things that I know need to be done.

The issue starts to fall into the realm of procrastination, and eventually, I’ve got a backloged workload of mismatched goals, which can cause me to lose the ability to stay focused.

Frankly, it sucks.

Now, this brings me to the social aspect.

When people hear that you are home, they assume you are available, and they tend to try and finagle ways to get you out, or visit you in, which, in general isn’t terrible. However, there have been quite a few occasions where I let my home life sink to a dramatic low, only because I was elsewhere doing other things.

It is important to stress, that while I am equal parts introvert and extrovert, the fluctuation in moods between the two can be huge, fast, and even sometimes confusing. Often, I can’t decide which I am, introvert or extrovert, as the pros and cons of each situation are so level that it can sometimes frustrate me to bouts of grief.

Which, brings me to my main thought. While I don’t have a vehicle of my own, I often feel trapped, even if only subconsciously, in situations that I would otherwise enjoy. Though most people would provide a ride here or there for me on a whim, the sense of burden is a pain in the ass, and can thus lead to an adverse reaction towards even the most enjoyable of experience.

So how do I balance a social and a personal life?

I try and treat my personal life as if it were a job. Some weeks I consider it a full time job, others, a part time.

I assess my time in chunks, varying on the projects I have at hand, or the emotional attachment I feel that needs to be addressed at the time.

So with that being said, it can often feel as if it is an eternal juggling act, only to fear the inevitable drop of the bowling pin.

Though, it could be said that dropping the pin is fine on occasion, as long as you come back to the show ready to try again.

And with that my friends, I bid you, Good day.

19 August, 2014

The Internet Life for Me [Daily Vlog: 01]

For those interested in my general thoughts...

The Internet Life for Me

Greetings friends, Branden here with my first vlog in a while.

A lot has happened since my last few entries, and today, I’d like to discuss some of those changes.

First, I would like to share with you, my decision to start being a regular face on the internet.

While this seems pretty obvious, being I’m here, in front of you right now, it has been a bit of an exciting moment.

Specifically, over at my second channel, Robust Enigma, I finally broke the $10 mark on ad revenue.

Now, I’m not saying that money was the primary motivator for my decision to stick with my passion. However, it was more of a turning point in my proof of concept that I have been working on for the past seven months. It was a wave of validation that, even if I never move beyond where I am today, I will still, eventually, be able to reinvest in myself, and let my internet personality power itself. It is amazingly rewarding.

Second, I have been trying to find a comfortable groove to continue my creative experiments, and I feel that, after years of skewed focus, I may have finally come within sight of my goals.

Generally speaking, I finally have a place to film, both at home, and away, while mingling with my family, friends, and most importantly, my fiancee.

I have projects queued up, waiting to be filmed, I have test run various ideas, and above all else, I have been able to work with those around me to set up not just goals for myself, but goals for those closest to me.

It really feels like the steps I have been taking are finally leading to a place that I can find comfort. Though, I know for a fact, that I am still quite a while from holding myself to the high standards I see in my mind.

And finally, Third. With my wedding looming, and my life spiraling into trying to become a comfortable, aspiring adult, I can see different joys of the future on the horizon.

While I am almost to the point I want to be in life, it feels like I am so close that I can almost taste it, and the taste is good.

So, to finish out this vlog, I would like to commemorate this video with a goal that I hope to achieve within the next year, though, preferably much sooner.

That goal is to find the flowing water that I know resides in myself, and allow myself to become the water, to become the dedicated person I know that I can be, to find the solace inside, and outside of myself, to power through even the toughest of strife.

And with those words, I bid you, Good Day. :)

19 June, 2014

Wood Burning, Pyrography Practice - Points of a Heart

Greeting friends, Branden here with something a little different.

Today I bring you a quick Wood Burning experiment on a heart shaped block.

Background Audio is a song I rendered up called Five.


Five is released under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0, enjoy!

05 May, 2014

ANHCW: (A Nameless Hardcore Wizard) vs. The Skeleton King

Today I bring you the first iteration of my new series, A Nameless Hardcore Wizard! For our first excursion, we are fighting The Skeleton King, on Normal. 

Full Stream: 
ANHCW: (A Nameless Hardcore Wizard) vs. The Skeleton King - Full

18 March, 2014

Diablo 3: Crypt of the Ancients Walkthrough

This is the culmination of the past few months of work. I can finally say I am proud of how this video turned our.

13 March, 2014


I have a pet peeve that I need to get off of my chest, and while I may receive flack because of it, I’d rather not keep it bottled up inside.

While being on Social Security, I find myself with the feeling of being shunned because I have a semi-nice apartment, a cell phone, a computer, and so forth. It irritates, and frankly, hurts, to have people judge me and question me about my abilities, and earthly possessions.

While I am by no means a rich man, through the power of control and teamwork, my fiancee and I are able to live. While it may not be easy some months, we find ourselves living through sacrifice. Sure, some months are harder than others, but through a proper budget, we are able to take care of ourselves, and our goals as well. It is through these actions that we are able to provide ourselves with the occasional night out, or semi-large purchase. I opt to stay off of food stamps, despite various people suggesting I take all the help I can get. However, that’s not me. I don’t need to live easier, I need to live smarter, and while I personally can’t see myself being able to work today, tomorrow, or the next, I know that every day that I groom myself into becoming a better man is another step in the direction of prosperity. No one is going to invest in me for no reason. Goals, ideas, passion, those are the things that create a wonderful person, and those are the things that I am aiming for. I have been called a welfare sucker by my own family (though, for clarification, not my direct, family) and yet, that person knew nothing about who I am, or where I wanted to be. It is funny in a way, that anyone on Social Security, or supportive benefits in general, are stigmatised to not be allowed to be happy, or at the very least, content. We are not socially allowed to discuss our plans, goals, aspirations, passions, achievements, or any other positive fraction of our otherwise dull lives. It is a disgusting way to treat another human. It is the equivalent of being in an emotionally and socially acceptable cage, and even the act of taking one evening for yourself warrants angered gestures. Why, you may ask? Well, because people feel that being dead in the water, is a sort of paid vacation. Yet no one realises the stress involved, the inability to press outward, in fear of losing the last remaining bit of the world we have left to cherish.

I tire of seeing bullshit propaganda about mothers with “x” kids, and “No Job” as if it is a bad thing. Is it truly your place to judge another person for following a path without the ability to take a detour. One child and a bad father spirals into two children, and two terrible fathers. Two children spirals into the inability to fully provide for your children, which spirals into applying for food stamps. Beginning to find comfort and trust spirals into a search for love that may just end the same way the first two did. Yet, now, alone, hungry, and tired, the mother as the ability to provide a better home for her now three children if she doesn’t work a part time job on minimum wage. I suppose you will never understand just how quickly a simple nudge can turn your world upside down. Yet, you can easily blame her, and her children, as a burden on society. You can judge, and tell lies, and fling mud, because you work hard for your money. However, your greed blinds you to the painful struggle of the living human being you so mock, let alone her children, who never know if/when they will have a life outside of their small apartment, stressing from a young age about if there will be food by the end of the month.

If you still begrudge someone for being “on the system” then you are a broken human who realises not that we are all unified under the ideals that we are all living and breathing organisms trying to flourish in this strange new world. You are a desolate wretch of a person who finds that happiness can only come from comparing what you have to that of the possessions of others. As opposed to finding happiness if following your dreams to become the person you have always wanted to be, yet were always too afraid to act upon.

While I know that some of you have lost the spark in their heart that shows gratitude to all living things, but to those of you who haven't, and even to those of you who have, please try and remember that you are only as good of a person as you treat those around you. Despite knowing them or not, and by begrudging someone the ability to survive places you into the deepest seclusion of a disoriented state of consciousness. Everyone is on a different path, but we should all work to follow the same general goal. Survive, thrive, learn, explore. It’s the only way that we, as the human race, will ever be able to take a step in the right direction for a better future, and that step starts with you.

23 January, 2014

A Thought For Thoughtful Thursday - 01/23/2014

A quick run down of the idea of friends, community, passion, and combo deals from Newegg.

14 January, 2014


A new channel, a new day! Exit Branden Knab, Enter RobustEnigma.

09 January, 2014


Google is more than a company, it is a way of life, a school of thought, and ideaology. They are one, because they are the largest point on the world. If you were to walk the length of binary code that it generates a day, you could walk for a lifetime. The idea for google is to use the human body as their central point of reference to establish a deeper understanding of how the internet, and the world, could forever work. Google is a good company as of now. They never willingly knew they shared information, they never expected these kinds of issues from their place of region. Hopefully one day, the idea of google, the idea of world repository, the idea of new possibilities. for new technologies to exude into the world knowledge… at the flip of a switch, In the name of finding our place in the universe. -A

07 January, 2014

Preparing for Diablo 3 Classic 2.0

Video ended abruptly. Nothing further was said other than my closing. Thanks for watching, and I'll catch you on the other side! :)

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