18 November, 2013

In a Life of Constant Strife

In a life of constant strife, we sit and wonder why. Why we sit, sitting alone, never moving along. It is an interesting thought, a thought I think, often, while I live. I am in love with another, a delicate lover, capable of changing my life. Yet those who abound, I have often found, direct me away from what seems so sound. No, it's not a sexual love, nor a physical love, but a spiritual lust to feel the need to be accepted. Is it a shame to be willing to bloody your name, in hopes that you can play the eternal game?

Now I'm not aiming to, redirect you, to drive you askew, no, all I ask for is respect. To live out my life, avoiding the strife, so that I can find true happiness with you.

Yet, if you reject, I will clearly inject, that it was never me, it was always you. All that I know, and all that I feel, makes me want to stay, yet I will never be the one to force you. If you must go, I'm sure you will know, that my world may crumble without you. Yet, we shall never know, until we are toe to toe, if all of our fears are valid. If they are not, then lets give it a shot, and journey on together forever.

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