28 November, 2013

A Thankful Thought to Ponder

While I write this, I sit here upon my chair, pondering the world as it is around me. Today, the day of my favorite holiday, I find it important to not list off a huge post of things I am thankful for. More over I want to take this time to help inspire you to have a better day.

Please take a moment today to contemplate those around you. Your loved ones, your acquaintances, even your "enemies." Take, even if just a few moments, to think about where you have come from, and where you hope to be. In the deepest moment of your thoughts, I want you to remember the fact that, if even one small moment of your life was different, you wouldn't be in the same spot you are today. I can't tell you a specific time from your own existence, but I know for mine, it usually comes down to the flip of a coin. On or off, black or white, yes or no. One answer could have changed your entire existence. Yet, we only realise that in reflection. In the moment, a coin flip seems like just that, a coin flip. Small, unimportant, insignificant. Yet, only when we take the time to consider our past do we realise how much that could have changed our lives.

Now it is not with sadness that we should reminisce about our past, it is with hope, because for every day we live, we gain another day worth of experiences to help push us beyond even the further limits we set for ourselves. It is just important that you always remember, it all starts with a single step, a simple yes or no.

So, today I ask you to remember what is important in your life. I mean truly important. Is it that new electronic? What in this world would you need to wake up another day and use as a building block for a brighter future? It is a question that only you can answer, and it requires you to be brutally honest with yourself, possibly too honest to feel comfortable with. However, whatever your answer, the most important thing is that you took the time to reflect and figure out just where you want to be in this universe, and finding out how you can take that first step to providing a truly inspirational future for yourself.

And with that said, I wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and may you all find inner peace doing what you love.

18 November, 2013

In a Life of Constant Strife

In a life of constant strife, we sit and wonder why. Why we sit, sitting alone, never moving along. It is an interesting thought, a thought I think, often, while I live. I am in love with another, a delicate lover, capable of changing my life. Yet those who abound, I have often found, direct me away from what seems so sound. No, it's not a sexual love, nor a physical love, but a spiritual lust to feel the need to be accepted. Is it a shame to be willing to bloody your name, in hopes that you can play the eternal game?

Now I'm not aiming to, redirect you, to drive you askew, no, all I ask for is respect. To live out my life, avoiding the strife, so that I can find true happiness with you.

Yet, if you reject, I will clearly inject, that it was never me, it was always you. All that I know, and all that I feel, makes me want to stay, yet I will never be the one to force you. If you must go, I'm sure you will know, that my world may crumble without you. Yet, we shall never know, until we are toe to toe, if all of our fears are valid. If they are not, then lets give it a shot, and journey on together forever.

05 November, 2013

Normal in an Abnormal World

At what point do we begin to grow weary of the things that we have become? Is it at the point in which we realise that we have stumbled so far off the beaten path that we are too afraid to progress, or is it when we come across a mirror so powerful we can finally see deeply into ourselves? Either way, learning to turn back and head in a different direction has been a struggle for me for as long as I can remember. I would always fear the things that I knew the least about, and even then, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t terrified of the things I had come to know.

Recently I have found myself in a different sort of state, one in which I worry not about myself, and not about my distant future, but more over, the next step, the next two steps, and so forth. I am not concerned with reaching the big picture, so long as I know what the picture is, because if I continue to worry, fuss, and stress over the main objective, I remain too convoluted to actually realise that I need to begin slow.

It is a funny thought really, to reminisce about all of the goals I have failed to achieve based on the fear and worry of not making it far enough. Sure, I am still afraid to take that step forward, because I may end up taking two steps back. However, even if I do take one step forward, and two in reverse, I’ve still traveled more than I would have if I had stood still, or worse, been forced two steps back regardless.

By no means does my recent outlook predict, or prove, that I am somehow “cured” of my troubles, but it does raise one interesting flag. It brings to my attention what it feels like to feel “normal” in an abnormal world. --B