16 September, 2013

Something Current

So, it has been a while since I have written anything of some substance to give you. Sure I can copy and paste all of my past entries, but what about the here, the now, you and I. Well here you go. I am sitting here in a dimly lit room, inspired by some "Classic Ambient" listening to Mirage by Terje Rypdal. It is a dismal morning. The rain is running out of the gutter onto the plastic rain catch. It's a constant stream of noise. It is nice I suppose, but it angers me that man could tamper with the world in such a way. Sure, you can build awesome structures, but why stop at the big details. Why not run the gutter to it's fullest? Call it a day. Instead of creating an overhang that damages the earth. Damages it so bad in fact, that said plastic rain catch.

Bow, Girl, we need to all make less of an impact if we are to survive. Explore, but do it in accordance with nature, if you want nature to survive. Take what you need, and then place it back. It's not enough to plant a thousand trees, you must plant a thousand, and let them grow, the cycle must be 2:1. As we as humans can create the 2:1 ratio, we must do so to make mother nature thrive. Farming, and agriculture remove so much from the land, never to put it back. We must make up for our faults, and create a world worth living in, everywhere. Not just in certain spots of high population.

We should take care of our plastic waste out in the ocean, mile upon mile of garbage. That is our cure, that area of debris, The ocean is telling us, showing us, that the contaminants are there, it has even piled them up for us. It is trying to show us what we have done. Follow the inflow of garbage, and it will destroy how beautiful you once thought humans were.

We take such little pride in caring for our planet, but instead focus on our pocket book. It is a terrible notion, but if everyone picked up after themselves, and others, we could put a great impact on the world. Sure, there will always be anoying people who disregard the planet, but one day they will learn. It is our responsibility to step up, fore we have learned, we can see the errors. So it's time to stop asking others to dedicate the time. It is time to dedicate the time for yourself. Good luck, Space Captains of the World. Let us start the changes we want to see in our future.

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