22 September, 2013

One Quick Blurb, and One Not-So Quick Observation

06/08/2013 -

Make beats. Slow beats. Low differences. Deep sound. Experiment.

06/15/2013 -

So, as an atheist, I have a few different views that most of you. Be it from supporting science in it’s entirety, to having a fascination about wanting to explore what is just outside the realm of current comprehension. However, most important to me is helping others see the world in a different light. I know I will never be able to convince others who choose to not explore the realm of possibilities, and no, I won’t be doing any door knocking to introduce you to our Lord and Savior Carl Sagan. Though, I will provide you with a short interpretation of my current views.

The one thing I really want to cover today is the idea of the bible. Now, I know what you are expecting. You are expecting me to ride in on a high horse and tell you every single point I disagree with. But I won’t do that. Not today. However, what I will do is help to explain to you my personal views on the idea of religion as a whole, through use of the bible as an example.

First, I want to make it utterly clear that I do not believe that there is a “God.” I believe there is not a singular entity that holds true over all the rest. I see our existence as one large cycle. I find that we are here because we are here. Or, in terms of something I have just recently found out about, the idea of Wau. Wau is the explanation and personification of a singularity, or in other words, why 1 = 1. It is easy to find out why 1 + 1 = 2, but finding showing how 1 = 1 is tricky. Which, is why I don’t believe there is, or ever was, or ever will be, a true God.

Now, past that, it is clear that the bible as we know it is a jumble of stories, myths, and possible events that were interpreted by the people of it’s time.Which, if perfectly fine, if you take it at face value. If you are willing to break the book down and accept that it is nothing more than a book written by multiple authors over many years, then you are on the right path. Beyond that, many people have various speculations as to the meanings and validity of event portrayed. In all honesty however, it is with great ignorance that anyone could/would take the bible for it’s specific word. In essence, it would be like taking Harry Potter, or Moby Dick, or any other popular book filled with a whimsical story as fact. The problem is, just because something is old, and you have been taught it constantly doesn’t mean it’s the truth. Being a supporter of the scientific method, I would humbly enjoy if a new form of higher life were discovered. I support the idea of constantly changing and adapting information, so long as that information has the ability to be independently tested and confirmed. Which, in most, if not all cases, the bible can not.

From my personal view, I feel that the bible was a then, modern day, interpretation of the stories handed down from generations from earlier civilizations. My issues with the bible spawn deeply from the intervention of man, and his ability to amend the things he wants into his religion, sometimes, overnight. If you want to follow a guiding path of principles in your life, fine, but they should not be based on the ignorance of a time long passed that has been unwilling to expand itself into a proper scientific endeavor. Sure, I know the idea of science and religion clash, but that is the point. If your religion can’t be backed up with evidence, then why back up something that can not be confirmed, tested, examined, or proven? Looking deeper into the idea behind organized religion, I see a small glimpse of light. I can see the silver lining that so many people try and point out, but you must not ignore the bad, just because you can see the good. Which, comes into consideration why we need to constantly reevaluate our perspective on life.
I will admit, I do enjoy some of the content from the bible, however, the majority of what I enjoy predates the bible. I enjoy the idea of helping to teach people to be good to one another, and I love reading the interpretations of how ancient civilizations thought we came to be, but it can only be taken with a grain of salt. The moment we begin to stop questioning everything is the moment in which our future discoveries fall to pieces. I think that those who believe in the bible have been taught the positives of their religion for so long, that they begin to lose sight of their religion as a whole, and they begin to lose sight in the ideas of progressing the human race. I say this because by not allowing yourself to be open to the idea of change, and able to comprehend the beauty of the life, world, and universe beyond you, you are holding yourself back from exploring your portion of existence. You owe it to yourself to ask questions.

If you take only one thing from this, I ask that you take with you the idea of releasing your predispositions. Let go, even if only for a day. Allow your mind time to think, time to grasp the inconceivable. Just one day of thought. You never know what you will find.

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