05 September, 2013

Late Night Rant… (09/04-05/2013)

I am sick and tired of people who talk about their problems, and have open discussions about how shitty they feel in life, and then, when you discuss back about your concerns, like a friend, they misconstrue themselves as some sort of victim of judgement.

I am sick of people who can’t see the value of life beyond money, and every 10-15 minutes they bring up how gas prices have gone up, or how much they hate spending money. You are not alone, everyone fucking suffers, deal with it. Or, at the very least, shut the fuck up about it and realize how lucky you are to be in a position to be stable enough to go into a store and buy your groceries.

I am sick of the fucking assholes who judge other people for who they like to fuck. Any consenting adult should be allowed to fuck any other consenting adult, in addition to joining into a legally binding contract with said consenting adult, without you being a fucking asshole about it.

I hate people who have never been poor a day in their lives, yet they complain about welfare and social security benefits. As if people who live on them are happy that they contribute nothing but wasting time and space in the vast cosmos.

In addition to the above statement, I hate people who have used the welfare or social security system in times of need, without batting an eye, yet everyone else who has been, or currently is on, the system is a greedy wretch.

I am filled with so much rage over the idea that at sometimes I can’t quite control who I am, or who I become, and yet, for seeking help, I am made out to be a charity case. All I want is to live in a world where people don’t put a value on happiness, a world where everyone can do what they love with the only limiting factor being to cause no pain or suffering to another individual.

I am tired of filling space, talking to people who are too ignorant to realize they are nothing more than the functions that happened early in their lives. I grew up with an iron fist held over me, in a sheltered home, I grew to know fear. That is my story. Your story is nothing different besides the influences you try to ignore.

I hate the medical system, every doctor is trained the same, taught to listen to companies who are just there to make a buck, despite how many lives they destroy. If you consider yourself a doctor just because you have a piece of paper on an office wall, then you are no doctor to me. A doctor uses their mind, their common sense. Not just making everyone a number and a time slot.

I am sick of the religious, complaining about how they are being abused and discriminated against. You can believe whatever made up horseshit stew you want to believe, I don’t care. However, until the moment you have to use a separate entrance, or drinking fountain, based completely on your faith, you can shut the fuck up right where you stand you arrogant, scientifically deprived, scum.

Well, now, some time has passed, and I seem to have become bored with ranting this evening, so with this, I bid you adieu. -B

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