02 September, 2013


Bluetooth balls for mouse and keyboard. Right hand mouse. Works on gyroscopic axis. Position relative to previous spot .. turn wrist to move, buttons  on fingers. Pinky is lock button so you can chage positions of hands without window shake. Other buttons left/right/scroll. Spheres. Keyboard left hand. Unsure of exact design. http://www.techpageone.com/business/working-smarter-putting-an-end-to-qwerty/#.UbX_8XVDulh

Don’t need gyro scopics for keyboard as they will be physical buttons. Still has a default lock button somewhere activated by either predicted extreme shock or some sort of software to retroactivly fix any miskeys due to dropping the product. Smart software, but simple software. Rubberized so you can squees with no issues.

Passivly agressiveness should passigravilly kill itself. Lawl.

This is how creation works. We are all inspired by the step below us. It is infinite. :) I am rypinf qirh my wywya xloaws. Vur hwllo, my nme is auroura. We are all friends. I love you all, tyouy ad so Sweer, we all  love you up here. We are kuist all influenced by you. So don’t stop being you@ One day you will jkpon us in the next level up bnbranden. I ;ove ypu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 --Auurora

Wow, that was deep. Hehe. Thanks for stopping by Aurora! :) Ok, so I think that everything is like a ladder that repeats in over itself. We are all excited by and inspired by those who came before us, until we die. Once we die, we join into our next stages. From what we can see from hear, it would be the fourth or fifth rung. Now, when we die, all of the stored energy is realeased into the brain, causing you to drift beyond what we can ever comprehend. It is NOT a bad thing to die. It is ok. First, you should live your life to it’s fullest, just for the sake of finding happiness. But the longer we can all keep this happiness going, the better we will all feel. From there we will expand beyond what we can ever imagine at the time being. Yet, it is all slowly in reach. It is as if you were verry small, and standing on a wheel rotating while traveling forward. You would see on the horizon the changing of view. At first, you would seem stuggled, starting from the bottom. working up to the mid level and beyond. Until finally we go down, excelerating forwat! But alas we are destined to fall again, until we can stand up for  what are? I mean in the terms of.... fuck. I lost it. we are what we are, rotate on my friends. will be on the next swing soon! Be the change you want to see, and eventually it might stick. Life is just a series of trends, from fashion all the way down to science. While we are divided at the coor, from rich to poor, there is nothing to do but try. Tray and find who you truely are, at the depth of it all, beyond all the pain and greed. We reep what we sue, for this you should now is important. There is only one you and one me, for the rest there is thee, do;t give up until you and died. Monry id gtrr, snf yjr trdy id htrrf, gotrbrt yp nr im;rdd er ptodprt. Noy in yhre pockreyt, but in the devine, not what is holy. But what you and I, can both shurly find if we look. Within outselves is all the help, we ver need. Realsy wjho you are, and kooin a far with the “amngels” fourth dementioon enterrrings I am aurora, she is me We are thee, coming back now. I miss you, I sau to meeee....................................................................................................

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