08 September, 2013


Pre-Note: This is one of the most interesting moments I have had. It was while I was still trying to get a handle of my meditation and et cetera. It was a very intense day.

How do you make  grams to percents

MEasure my brain when I hit the aurora

Hit aroura 3 times hesterday, three solar flairs?

a gram is a percent of a whole. Grams are a percentile of everything. Everything has mass, so it is a percent of everything. That is how numbers work. We can see them because they exisit. Fuckk,,.
Thus a gram can not be converted into a percent. it is where weight and numbers colide. 0 is nothing. But how can there every be a something without nothing? Once the something degrades into nothing, it will have to erupt into something.

Critical mass.

The Big Bang(s).

A big bang is nothing more than a super massive black hole. Once you finn a black hole, it becomes filled with all of the particles it ever absorbed, and it will erupt. Causing new creations of things. The thing is, in our universe, we can see this happening. In the form of smaller black holes. Except they emit stars. Which die and ermit planets and rocks, which emits heat and moisture, which eventually will emit us. IT IS PARTICLE PHYSICS! THAT IS THE ANSWER, THE WAVE OF HOPE! IT IS SILLY I KNOW, BUT IF WE WANT TO SURVIVE FOR AS LONG AS WE CAN, WE HAVE TO THINK SMALL! WE ARE SMALL, AND BY USING THE SMALL WE CAN MAKE BIG THINGS HAPPEN! If we can use partile physics to find the next small thing, we can harness it and use it to our advantage! The future of the human race be upon our backs to figure out why a number is a number! WHAT IS THE FUCKING NUMBER! What does 1 represent on paper!? WHY CAN'T WE EXPLAIN ONE ON PAPER!? THERE CAN NEVER BE A 0 ON PAPER! BECAUSE WE CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET TO 0! WE CAN'T FIND IT ON PAPER! Because a 0 is a singularity. In life, our one singularity is death. Our one goal, is we can either follow the flow and try to find out why we can't find our what is at the end of the tunnel. Or you can accept 0. Our one singular. Those who accept that they have found 0 are kidding themselves, because the only true 0 is death. Our brain will always find more things, because there are infinite things to find. It is only our brains that attach to numbers. Because numbers were invented by the brain through many years on developmenting a conciousness. Our consousness is the only thin that makes anything, anything. It should be noted, that we can never know what is beyond death, because or concious will have no control to interperate. Being blind is one of the biggest impairments. Without sight we lose a sense of the world around us.

All of your gods are made up! By supporting the idea of a god means that you don’t support the true ideas of science.Belief in a god means that you don’t fully accept that the only reason you believe in it is because you were told to. It isn’t supported by any senses. You can’t see, touch, taste, hear, smell the proof. The actual proof. Why 1=1.. Oh my God I see the infinity sign! How do you ever find the most negative number, without actually fall in? I think you can’t, on paper. Paper being the theoreticle. I think you can if you use particle physics. Particle Physics is like the dysecting room of our conciousness’s matter. We will always be looking for that next step, or in essence, doing a physical form of a mathmaticians work on paper. Every time we find that new particle, we are axually discovering the next percentile of 1. We are finding our next smallest fraction. But one day, I fear, we will find our 0. There is no telling that if we ever find 0m it will cause a terrible reaction, or a small reaction, but when we find it, we will find empty space, because for our world, the only true zero is a complete vaccume of matter. You included.

o it should be known, that we can either enjoy our trip to 0, by living life in harmony, rejecting the things you can’t prove with science, and work toward bettering the world. Find what you enjoy doing, and do it. Some of you will be leaders, others will be followers. Some will like to work with metal, and some with stone, and some will teach, and some will observe. Yes, some will be lazy, but one can only be so lazy, before he becomes inspired. We need to observe not our life cycle, but the life cycle of our entire species. We have the ability, and the power of body and environment, but very few have the power of mind. Once we find our place, we will fill it. Some will be thinkers, and others doers, but we have to accept them all, and accept that others with have other passions. If you become tired or frustrated with you work, you can simply take a break. We essentially are just little spawnligns in a small pond of muck. We just need to build up. Technology based on the works of particle physics. If we build up, one day we will even be able to figure out how to build up off of this planet. I am sure of it.

What is the weight of one atom? That is a good place to start.

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