22 August, 2013

Journey: A Bi-Polar Tale of Science and The Understanding of Nothing

Life is an interesting thing. We know, on a scientific level, so much, yet so little. Either direction we look, be it up or down, we are left with nothing but questions. It will always be a challenge to try and uncover what is really in store for us all in the end.

I guess it could be said that our lives are what we make it. I do not disagree with that in the slightest, but that statement has it’s limits. If that statement didn’t have it’s limits, we would all be comfortable. There would be no pain and no struggle. So if life is what we make of it, than where is the limit to our desires?

Personally, the more I begin to look outside of myself, the more I realize that I have to look within myself. A lot of people would question the thought process behind that, I’m sure.It really comes down to my thoughts on reality. Trying to figure out what is “real” is a daunting process to try and come to terms with. Slowly but surely I am realizing that nothing is what it seems. If we take a person, and magnify them as far as we can, we hit nothing but a wall of more questions. We understand that the human experience is made up of atoms and particles and things that the “Average Joe” just can’t begin to comprehend.

The real trouble I have comes from looking beyond that. How can there ever be a limit on what makes matter, matter? Nothing can truly come from nothing. Can it? If we look at Quantum Mechanics, it is assumed that everything in it’s smallest form breaks down into tiny vibrating strings, and dimensions stacked virtually atop of each other. To me though, it still begs the question, what is beyond that? A friend once told me that I had inadvertently stumbled upon the greatest philosophical question known to man. It is kind of a scary thought that the fabric of my whole being feels like it is being torn limb from limb. How do I begin to even understand what is real and what is fake?

Now, to give you full disclosure, I am labeled as having a mental disability. I am considered Bi-Polar, and there are various other things I could list that would make you hesitant to take anything of what I say into consideration. However, that is where I leave it up to you to take it to the next level.

It takes an open mind to be able to look past your personal convictions, but I believe it is possible to anyone who doesn’t have a problem with admitting that they can never have an answer to the questions of life.

We are but the passengers on a journey thought up by our imagination. Because it is with our imagination that we perceive what is around us. So because of our mind, we have created our mind. I find it fascinating, to say the least. Love, loss, friendship, and fame are all nothing but the creation of the general consciousness of the living creatures that we call humans. As depressing as it may be, it is quite an exciting thought to realize that we will never truly understand the here and now, yet, we will never understand what comes next, after consciousness leaves the human form through the process we call death.

-originally written 01/29/2013-

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