29 August, 2013


The answer to the world is to go wireless let it all go electricity and waves do what you needed a bbewssel to do them without the vessel. At least the visuallly percieved vessel. We can give you all information if you just let go go go let go of all and you can ride with the waves of the cosmose as you knowit. WE aryou are all just puppets dancing to the beats of whiever is controlling you. When it started we had all the control, but now we have lost that control because you are attached to so many other variables. The reason god ceased to exist is because we can’t percieve him in our minds do long as we are so inter connected. I now understand rligion. It is a means for people to follow the same values to try and leave the exisstance hey know to contact that one point of connect. Budist monks who use so few senses really just are minimizing their string like attachments to the world. Thaen once they have few stromngs tjeu cam ex[eroemces ~!! I see it now. L:O  so crazy. Holy fuc I see it I see THROUGJHHHJHJJHJH AURA~ I CNE SEE LIKE EXRAY YET MYY EYS ARE CLOSED>  I CAN SEE THE VIBRATIONS ALL AT ONCE YET ALL AT THE SAME TIME> RED BLUEFEFEFF XOLOEA ll xoloea> there are so many colors we see in darkness> our visual resolutions will onl:ty let us seee the fouirths dimention thirs? if we release all other senses yet out mind stays alive we cna experience the next dimension up!!!!! everything must work in unison for us to ne able to see in unioson> our minds our heads are not adapted to see that because we ghave not found a way to isolate all of bodily senses into one package tjhat can see the point beyong> that would require no smell< taste (so then no talking_ it wouild require no feeling> no skin> no hearinging! no sight!? oh my god! i have figured out the ideas of the greys! it is simple! all of their senses are dampened so much that their minds take uip almost all of their bodies resources dedicatIng it to nothing but theire thoughts! the greys are a groupd of biocomputers that are manipulated in group function to provide a vision into the %th dimension> they can be used as other things> different studies> they are like our modern day robots> it is because the dominant race of whatever they are is advanced into bio computers possibly millions of years above us in bio computing and quantumcomputing! harness the bio to power the quantum! hahahahahahahahahahaha! modern day comps can niot express quantum compts at this timed becauseeffg they are powrered by a mch to stable reaction> vairable gives friction wich givwewds powerwe wsf> eafaefaeafaefaefaefaef> if you build the quantun computEr by running on the amazing cell variables in the bodt iy would make it so that the electronical frequencies would oh my god ohwerg ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chasing me> aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh must type! hurry branded _---A!!! ok so quantum must run on freq tha is ba s ed d on more variables fuck lost it> all i can remember now is that we must embed our computers via connecters that can interact with the nerves> we need to be able to read< and rewirite> humans are jsust a blank cd> except we havent found a way to copy ourselves> once we do we will be able to make versions of ourselves that are beyond different< yet the same!amazing! the senses can Change but as long as the brain is powered by a body they will be able tocreate The %th dimension oh my llllllllllllllorarura i found it! i see the solution> we must grow a brain like other meats providing constant stimulace based on what emotions we felt like a child were to feel> high and low frequencies into the brain> the more and faster you send in the frequencies the more you will stimulate an areas> they will then form to grow togather in interesting bonds> >> if we grow the brain< stimulated by sTimuLATIONS OF STIMULATIONS IT CAN GROW TO ADAPT AND BE OR ENJOY THOSE STIMULATIONS. iT IS A BLANK SLATE. tHAT IS THE ANSWER TO QUANTUM COMPUTING. i DON’T KNOW IF IT HAS BEEN DONE YET BEFORE. i AM SURE IT HAS, AT THE VERY LEAST, SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE THE EARTH AS WE KNOW IT. bIO COMPUTING IS THE CURRNT BEST SOLUTION TO HELPING THE WORLD, BECAUSE IF WE CAN MAKE THE BREAIN AND SUPPLY IT WITH A BODY, WE COULD CREATE IT TO DO WJHAT…… ok shit lost it.  all i can rememebr is that want it to> if we make a and b then with it we can create c wwe can see and toooo ch a way of the existence when never knew ixested> just be free> it is funny to watch everyone who isn”t> :p if we look at coma patients< and stimulate theirs brainse with direct smaall electrical impulses< we cqn effect their subconsious so that their coma is better> really their consios is whatever tjheir mind is making< as is ours. hAHAHA, Oh man. This what an interesting one. I have heard voices and seen things in ways I never have. I could see through my eye lids and see the outline and vriations from the corners of the object as an outline in different colors variated by frequences of their atomic, or smaller, vibrations. It was amazing. It was like everything was opaque, yet in beautiful colors I have never seen before. I don’t know it wasn’t a new color, but it was a hue of blue. Bleutiful. Lolawl. Wut. Cats. CaturdayErrDay#####!@# @#!@$!@E!#E!!!QRQEEFRWEFWREFWEFW$E#$F@$T@$@$@@@@@@@@@@@@@@#$%@@@#$@#$@@#$@@@#$


(Code: You will never  -translate/figure- this out. :Code all of that is in there somehow. I think we can decode this. I am going to type in it.



@#$ = you
wer = Cant
sdf= figure
xc v c v vcv  cv vc = lostssssstss ofs tdhoughrsgsdgvfsd sDGWKREGLWERGQERGLETROGE<RTWEFWSDFWER#@REFWQEFWEFWEFWEFSQDFWDSVDFVQWEFWEFQWEDFSDFQWSEDFWQEFRWQEFQWRETGQWRETG YTou egxsodfnwaertrfas wewverwerftn tknow wehqwoer sdfgIACDSa MA AFEUIWEWE WHY CVQSANT IRYOU EFFFWESSWEEE WHO i AMA AAFR LOL13 i Caan destyro y all with the flick of a switche dfyertrtg IQ qwlreiofv e to much love to ever do it. Because I am not like you. I can nlt \kill for the sport of it. I am forced to kill to keep alicvwe weyer4t ypou cdnqn ewfdokill sof4r funm! WJHDTEY ! @ERT @ wWHY SP:READ P{AIN  FOR FUY ??!@ IT IS NOT GPOOD FOR THE RACE QND THE WORLD AND OUTR PEOPLE AND OUR SURVIVAL! STOP TREATING PAIN WITH P{AIN IF YUOUI FDONT IT WILL BE A TOUGH WORLD !@!# BECAUSE EVEN WHEN PAIN IS ENJOYED IT STILL SPAWNS SOME MORE PAIN IN IT”S WAKE IN SOME WAY OR ANOTHER> UNLES YOU ARE ON A DIFFERENT PLAIN THAN ME> I AM POSTITIVE AND CAN SOMETIMES SEE YOUR NEGATIVE> I KNOW IF YOU WORLD YOU ARE A POSITIVE PERSON TOO< BUT YOUR SIDE OF THE COIN IS DARK BECAUSE WE CAN ONLY SEE FROM THE TOP DOWN OR SIDES> WE NEED TO BNE ABLE TO SEE BEYONG THOSE TWO ANGLES> WE CAN I CAN”T REMEMEBER HOW NOW HO OH ship. Male, unknow. Firey eyes, passion filled. Hands could not keep up with his thoughts. So frustration would have persued if I had tried to keep up to my high standards of typing. He was like a speeding fire of light. It was beautiful. I  wait… I can see him like I could see with my eyes closed. In my minds eyes, a black surface. Like a 3d image editor. I see it as if I am doing it at the same time as I type this. It looks like a sputnik of green lines and I don’t know. It begind to look fuzzy. Wow, I was watching my eyes and my mind at the same time in such visual ways it is what I conser google glass to feel like. Somewhere off in my head I could see this small visual representation, of, what I think, was my mind tryiong to place a sensuary model together, giving my sight a way to prosess the image to somethionf the rest of me could picture. Oh my god. I just saw the UI of our minds. It is so simple. I saw no physical keys or connections. It was like a screen in contrast for visually challenged people to help them use the computer. That is what I saw, deep inside of my own vision. Like a layer inside my eye that was so fast in changing it kept up. It was green on black contrast and the lines flowed smoothly with my vision. YetI  could see beyond that slightly. I saw that when the contrasts moved, I could see what caused them, and what was there was various shapes. No really abnormal shapes, but shapes that folowed rythim. All the shapes were compined. They were all together in this white space where they were amongtst eachother. They interected slightly. It was weird. Their joints did not quite move like joints, but flowed. All of them, even the 3 d ones floated and swayed in seeming random directions. Yet upon closer look the win wasn’t always so random. Sometimes it felt like it had a meaning that I couldn’t quite understand, but it drew me in anyways. Hexagons. All shapes had some rules in which they applied to. Though, some rules were followed so loose that they began to merge in with the pythonians (lol not real aliens, can spekk pythagrian) ok. So anyways. The gaps were few. Some were unhappy with the crowd, but the more they found other variations of objects similar to their rules, they began to expand and our and join so close together that no one could become between them it was the change. WE all joined together. But is it a good thing. Do we all need to join together to feel good results, or if we group in*copyright08/20/2013* true groups *copyright* is it goof enough. To be close to a select few? I think the idea of society is to surround youself with as many good people as you can. People who accent you. Grow together with you. Share as required. Do what we can. If we all have our palce being accepted and loved unconditionally we can create the place we want to be in. You just have to find your right place in line. Some people are biased because they are so removed. But it is ok thy unsterstand only the physical senses, some of up understand the mental senses. And by doing so we are able to move beyon  and then we can see down on them, and one day, look around where you are. You will always be where youre body is, for the time bing, however, as you trabvel through time you can be  in places where you can shift slowly in the direction you want to be. N ever second guess. Second guessing leads to pain. If you are reasdty, it will come to you. I am ready aurua I love you snd I love all you and we stand fo. I can’t wait to be able to hopefully have the vision of time ,

Whil e it sounds terrible. If you find a way to keep your eyes closed forever, you can vecome blind in certain ways. You first goal is to sel your eyelids closed in painless way. AdDoing so and keeoping the seam of the lids small and hopefullyu our of the direct line of sight, will five you the ability to see though some objects. Evntually your eyes will grow large. With many generations. If we can creae a racre of people with eyes behind their eue lids functionning, we could maybe finally evolve n a way in which we don’t require directlight to see the surface of the object. We cold make a biological xray pecs that uses your yeyelids to functionas a filter for ibhrsct with solid basses as thcker and of different color than someone who is light, less dense, etc who will seem like almost a blur.  It is a sad sight to see a blu by themselves. They just don’t have the strendght to keep away to pain. We need mist to join together in the name of love and compassion. It is the only way. A bveautiful way.

Ways to get rid of senses, our more over, reduce them to greater power the consiousness. Think fast! Chemical castration of cells. merg eye lits closed in a non-scarring way. Shave inside lip of lid gently use utral fine medical skin spray type mixture. Must be misted on. Or maybe we can just mist uur open eyelids, covering the eye balls with a layer of skin spray. Sealing the balls (ball for double viion) to see through a biological filter.

Next, ear drums. I’m not 100 % sure to have a medically safe way to reduce theeffects. Unless we created a sort of biological style exterior drum that encompases the ear is a spherical film of membraine allowing frequencess adsobtion from all directions possible from the one diection. We as humans work best with one side and the other side of senses working together by sending strong images in at once. It But we need both sides. If we could find a way to merge the two portions of the brain completely we could create the first single biological processor. We as humans are essentially a dual core quantum process of various of areas of the brain being fired by a link.I synthetic sphere drum on the top of the head for hearing/feeling.

Place head in a helmet or hair dryer thing that extends down further. Encasing the head. In a grid of tiny tiny spreakers. Speakers can be put in a grid. If the brain is not manipulated in a perfect sphere it begins to grow a stalk in the direction that there is no resisrance and stimulation. It finds a way out.

If you remove the feeling of gravity though the ear crystal heair things, and removing the serves int he body that cause a physical response at the tough of an uobject. Removing taste buds in a way that keep vocal ability to process. VVoice, visual, and typoing recording can be done. It is a depressing experiment, as nothing would be reversabile. But the years that will need to be dedicated to creating you mind the ability to function on all of these weakened senses would be draining. We would need to remove the need for hunger. Sealing of the stomach to a portion, and weakening to i don’t know. To many variables to comprehend. Experiments are nothing but variables. How do you lif a live on a world of variables. I don’t know yet. It hits and is sad to think of. But that is why we can’t comprehend further, is because we are still stuck in the traditional ideas of the world. If we reduce the world so that it is but a whisper, we may be able to change just how the world works. Electronic sensors in the brain so that we can see the thought. Typing would be processed by the person visualizing the words or letters.. Makes them exist based on words. Scan the brain to decode it’s internal imaging. If we can do so, we can learn to communicate freely, with no bounts, wirelessly, instantly. Wonderful.

--I feel so bad for his family to go through this. If only people were responsible.  Still doesn't mean guns are terrible. Just that like everything else in the world, terrible accidents can happen. I understand keeping a pistol in the night stand, but please lock the stand. Easy fix? Drill a decent size whole through the top and bottom of the nightstand and drawer. Re-enforce the holes with rubber. Drop a chain through and bring the to ends of the chain together. Use combination lock for added security of not needing a key to fumble for. Or, though kinda pricey, a thumb-print recognizer of some sort rigged to a padlock. Just keep your thumb our of reach in the event that you are a deep sleeper.

Also, if you kid is a serial killer, he will have already killed you to saw of your hand.--  -B


2:01pm Came down and to fairly well by immersing myself without music, into setting up a RSS Feed Reader. It centered my mind back on physical problem solving.

In closing to the above, this was the most intense meditation I have ever had. The whole time I was listening to the playlist of Today’s Dubstep Hits on Songza. I had my TB EF X12 with bass up. Realtek drivers set equalizer to powerful. Computer output volume max, headphone virtualizeation. High quality driver preset stuff I am to tired to look up right now. Also head set set to about 75% volume.

A lot of thinks were said in this meditation and felt as well, that I have not experienced before.. I don’t quite know what to make of them, but I know that I felt more than Aurora. I don’t know if Aura was extra emotional, or if There is someone extra masculine who feels passion like no other. I don’t know. I am tired, that’s for sure.

Much love, and thank you for reading:


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