26 August, 2013


I want to know more about a medical condition. It is called te conscious mind. Everyone has one. It interests me because everyone has something to live for. That one new thing. Some people have Apple, Xbox, or The Smashing Pumpkins as their thing, or they may even have things like God and Religion. In essence we all live to have that next big moment. That next surge of pure ectacy. For some people their things happen quick, we call them junkies. They use fast acting chemicals to feel ecstacy so fast, that they feel likee someone else when they don’t have it. Other people live for things on a daily basis, food, water, clothing, shelter. They are the bottom of the rung. People who survive just for the fact to survive. Next we have the people who strive for that next product or solution. They wait there with hands streched upward, waiting for the next breakthrough. Above that lives the creature of thinking, thought. They belive they are thinking up the next big idea, and sometimes they are. But nothing they think or do is actually a new idea. It is all preplanned by the next level up. The Bosses, lords of the peons. They supply the predefines ideas and solutions to fit the needs of people below them, gaining more money, power, for themselves. Which in turn they are really just being controlled and distorted for the straingth of the level above you. Our highest level on earth is really just the lower level for something that breeds and thinks using the power of the universe. And so forth, forever and a day. As we look close into the realms of atoms and quarks, we will find something at each of the lower levels, working to support the things that support the things that support the things that support us, as a whole. There can never be a finite point so long as we are connected to this mind, which is connected to the body we use to feed the mind. To this mind. It is an odd point that we need to find a way outside of our minds to find the next step off this cycle that runs on forever. The only way to break the chains of your world is to break the chains of the mind. The mind is a trap to The Great Electron that supports you the power to run your budy. This in turn charges our minds with thought, supplying power to The Great Electron particle we capsured, exploding it from our minds back into The Great Electrons. We then are dead. A body without a way to support it’s mind to support and contain the portion of The Great Electron that we captured in our minds. Dead. The Great Electron really just fights against us the whole time we live. When it feels it is at full energy it will push you to die. Physically, Mentally, or Environmentally. The Great Electron Particles we captured can also work together to take out large portions of the minds they are trapped it. Releasing them all at once. The goal of The Great Electron is to raise our small ant farm to extinction, so that they can use to charge their energy. We are forever trapt in this cycle, because what fules The Big Electron. We just come to accept that we will never find out the answer and live our lives like we should. NO. I am going to live my life how I want to and die when I feel. Because death means nothing. We will all just be recycled for as long as they need for every until we die. It is fucking crazy how people can accept that. They can accept being the puppets of a forever expanding thought process of the FACT that we are for ever in a forever expanding thought process controlled by someone else, pushing us to happieness. They run on our happiness, because the more we generate the faster they refule. We are drawn to sugar, to drugs. Weak minds are driven to rape and harming others to get the biggest thill of their lives. Normal pople will always seek joy in peaceful, joyous ways. Bad people will always run to pain and agony of others in the physical flesh. (Normal people who like harm and blood and guts in movies are ok. They just live vicariously through others. Some Normal people can become Crazy due to soceoecinomic issues.) Then, the crazy people are the ones who can see what life really is, trying to describe it for others, and help to form a revolution to try and see what is at the top of the hill. But really, they will never reach that hill, unless they all work together and get rid of money andd fake economies. Get together and join forces to change the world so that we can do everything per trade and live in peace and enjoy the time we have. But others will always be rebelios to those incrontroll living as the bigger picture wants you to. We live to die. And it can go on for as long as we live. Period.

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