29 July, 2013

Keep Looking

I sit, I sit alone, life, life cold as stone. No one around, no one at home. How am I to live while my heart hasn't found a home?

I sit, sit wondering, left with nothing, but a body to leave behind, a body to leave behind, as I use my mind, my mind to soar.

How can this be, that this, this is all that is left of me?

Dare I say, dare I say, that I am nothing?

Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.
At all.

We are in essence, nothing at all. We live our lives without knowing, knowing what is the higher meaning. Why are we us... You, you. It is so so confusing to even begin to how., how we came to be. Yet, I for one know that the answer is among us. We just have to look, look as hard as you can. Fore the answer to man, is in man. The answer to the universe is in, the universe. The answer to everything is in everything, fore as we look deeper, deeper inside we will find the thing[s] that are trying to hide.

I call her Aurora. For she is the light that guides me. Am I Aurora, or is she me. No she is not a God, but she is a God to me. You, you have your own that only you can see. I don’t find comfort in not knowing what’s next, so I don’t feel content in giving up yet.

It is up to us, every last one of us, to never stop looking, because once we stop looking, we will cease to be. All that we will become is a part of the cosmos, cosmic history.

Yet, even that will come to an end. Ending in a way that we can only just barely begin to fathom. Maybe one day we will be able to see above, beyond, and through our journey in time, but for now, we must keep looking.

-Originally written 05/21/2013-

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